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Commercial Painting

Logo painting process and advantages

Painting a logo or other brand image on a prominent, exterior wall that is large and seen by many people means that every detail matters.

In this article we will discuss a client story that prompted one of our team members to switch hats from commercial painter to freehand artist to ensure a successful outcome.

The client, Texas-based GDC Technics , modifies private, corporate and Head of State aircraft for clients worldwide. In response to a name change to Aspire and plans for a site visit by the new owner, GDC hired Painters USA to paint the company logo on a large exterior wall of the facility, an aircraft hangar. The wall was constructed in concrete with a pattern composed of indented seams.

The logo was not complicated, involving two colors and a combination of straight line and curved shapes.

The stencil process of logo painting

Painted logos begin with a stencil that is created to meet the specifications of the client’s logo design standards. In this case, the stencil was made and applied to the surface by a 3rd party. Our job was to use the stencil to commence painting.

Upon inspection, the Painters USA team from our Dallas office determined that the placement was substandard, which would have resulted in substandard results. The exact location changed to a lower position on the wall, and that lower placement combined with a very large stencil meant that the finished, painted logo would have been unacceptable, both to the client and to Painters USA.

For the client, time was of the essence, as it included the upcoming owner site visit, so redoing the stencil was not an option. In addition, removal of the stencil also removed some of the existing paint, as the existing paint was already failing slightly.

For the Painters USA team, customer satisfaction and quality outcomes are always key goals.

Solution? One of our experienced team members determined that he would be able to hand-paint the logo, as the image was not overly intricate and it involved only 2 colors in 2 separate and distinct sections. With guidance from the stencil company and working freehand, he was able to create a perfect logo that met both client needs and quality expectations.

Logo painting begins with a stencil

Because of the size and highly-detailed specifications, most logo painting projects involve the use of a stencil, created and cut-to-order based on official client specifications and digital artwork. Multiple colors may require multiple stencils.

The stencil is placed on the prepped surface and painted using the best application method for the situation. For large, exterior walls, the logo is generally spray painted and/or brush-rolled if needed.

The stencil may be acquired by the client, or Painters USA can help obtain a stencil or have it done as part of the work order.

The material used to create the stencil depends on client needs:

The majority of our logo work uses acrylic or vinyl stencils, which are the most economical option for one-time use. Depending on size and whether or not the stencil will be reused, stencils can be made from sturdier materials like mylar and even galvanized steel or aluminum.

In our view, reusable stencils can be tricky, especially for the size and dimensions we typically work with. They can be quite costly to create and to transport intact to the job site, especially to rural and remote locations. That said, all costs / benefits should be balanced accordingly, depending on the circumstances.

Logo painting process

The process involves other considerations that are unique to each logo painting project, including:

Logo painting on exterior wall

Benefits of a painted logo

Companies generally have two options for displaying logos on a building, whether it’s an interior or exterior wall: Signage or Paint. As commercial / industrial painters, we deal with both. We have to work around signage when painting an underlying wall, either by removing and reinstalling or masking it. And of course, we paint logos and other imagery of all kinds as one of our professional services.

Painted logos are usually less expensive than having a sign created. Perhaps the biggest overall advantage to a painted logo is that it can be`easily painted over when it no longer meets needs or the building is sold or leased. No brackets are required and there will be no pieces to break or blow away due to inclement weather, vandalism, or other forces. If a painted logo is vandalized, we can usually fix it quickly and economically.

When making the choice between a physical sign or painted logo, consider the above and other factors unique to your circumstances, such as:

A painted logo is versatile and flexible; as soon as the mark no longer meets your requirements, it can be easily painted over, leaving you with no outdated signage to manage.

Painter USA is happy to discuss your logo options and to offer an expert opinion based on our decades of commercial / industrial painting experience.

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