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Protecting refineries from weather and processes.

Heavy-duty cleaning and coating services to protect and maintain refinery structures and machinery.

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As a production facility that refines and converts raw materials into products of value, refineries are industrial facilities with highly specialized paint and coating needs. Refining processes use chemicals, extreme heat, and pressure, which are corrosive and destructive to surfaces and structures. In addition, refineries are subject to the forces of nature, from major storms to regular wind, moisture, and UV exposure. And Painters USA has the knowledge and experience to tackle them all.

Refinery types

Refineries can refine all kinds of raw materials other than crude oil, and Painters USA can handle them all.

Refinery structures we paint and coat include heat exchangers, boilers, distillation columns and splitters, pipe linings, steam lines, pressure valves, and primary and secondary containment systems.

For refineries in the agriculture sector, we are familiar with sanitation and hygiene requirements set forth in USDA and FDA regulations for food safety. And in all refinery settings, which have many potential workplace hazards, we are OSHA trained and always safety-conscious.

Advantages of well-maintained refineries

Along with benefits like resistance to wear, abrasion, chemicals, rust, and corrosion, the right paintings and coatings can contribute to many other business and operational advantages:

Easier facility cleaning and maintenance.
Enhanced availability and production uptime.
Regulatory compliance for workplace and food safety.
Improved appearance.
Extended value and longevity of capital assets.

Right preparation, right products, right application

Surface preparation

Proper surface preparation is the first step in any painting or coating process, but refineries have very challenging conditions to overcome. Refinery structures and machinery are exposed to much greater wear and tear from wind, rain, snow, hail, cold, heat, humidity, sun, dirt, debris, and anything else thrown their way. Even the most well-maintained facilities will show some areas of corrosion that need to be cleaned using industrial clearing methods. Cleaning refinery structures generally requires abrasive methods like sandblasting and/or use of potentially toxic chemicals in order to degrease and remove grimy, baked-in dirt and debris.

Latest coating technologies

The right painting and coating products are needed for longevity and durability. Painters USA has knowledge of the latest technologies suitable for the rugged operating environment of refineries. Depending on the circumstances, formulations that include epoxy, acrylic, or urethane offer a variety of benefits. They can withstand a wide range of chemical and physical forces, and customization can add properties like fireproofing and corrosion and UV protection.

Skilled application

Without skilled and experienced application, the surface preparation and products will not perform as expected, especially in the rugged environment of refineries. Most industrial coatings need to fall within a certain degree of thickness to ensure adequate coverage. The tiniest defect or adhesion failure will expose the entire structure or piece of equipment to corrosion and contamination.

Surface area, detail work, timelines and deadlines, curing and drying times—these and other factors will help us determine the best method of application to ensure optimal performance and lasting durability at your refining facilities.

Popular services for refineries

Industrial cleaning

A simple cleaning of your factory or warehouse ceiling can increase light reflectivity dramatically.
Keeping your facility free of combustible dust helps to mitigate fire, health, & safety hazards.
We know each degreasing project is different so we assess the optimal cleaning agent & process to get your job done right.
This service can be used for just cleaning your surfaces or as the first step in our painting process.
Our NACE certified coatings inspectors utilize sandblasting to achieve the proper profile on the substrate, maximizing coating adhesion.
Getting rid of all traces of mold so it doesn’t come back is just part of it – finding & fixing the source is just as important.

Industrial painting and coating

Durable coatings for large complex projects + a massive, knowledgeable workforce = peace of mind for you!
Breathe new life into your older machinery with a fresh coat of durable paint.
OSHA requires a specific color coding to indicate what each pipe contains for quick, universal identification.
Your multi-million dollar investments can be protected with our proven rust control systems.
Ethanol plants, refineries, & storage facilities have relied on us for years to protect their structures & the contents inside.
Insulating a tank from extreme hot or cold temperatures can take several forms.

Working with Painters USA

Business advantages

Painters USA will safeguard your refinery structures and machinery against any adversity. Our use of quality coatings and paints with uniform properties and fast drying times, plus efficient application processes, help us get the work done as quickly as possible.

Safety first

Along with OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 safety training, our crews and supervisors have completed training and certifications relevant to many refinery job sites, such as working in confined spaces, aerial lift operations, fall protection, scaffold competence, and respirator fit.

Remember Painters USA. We are a contractor you can rely on for painting and coating any surfaces and structures, with nationwide coverage.

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