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Thriving since 1982, learn about Painters USA’s people, culture, mission, and values.

As a certified female business company, Painters USA is a Tier 1 and 2 business provider that supports diversity goals.

Proud of the highly trained and committed workforce we call family.

Regional and national coverage and national account support from offices in Illinois and Texas.

Read what some of our clients have said about working with Painters USA.

The latest about our company, people, events and other announcements.

Delve into commercial / industrial cleaning, painting, coating, and flooring topics.

Causes we support through financial and material donations and volunteer time.

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Good pay and benefits with training and support at growing commercial / industrial paint and coating contractor.

Put your business skills and experience to work at the values-driven culture of Painters USA.

Safety comes first with OSHA 10/30 card-carrying equipment and services that enhance workplace safety.

Quality delivered with certified equipment in the latest equipment, products and techniques in the industry.

Dedicated to raising mental health awareness by fostering open dialogue, providing resources, and organizing events to support the well-being of our employees and community.

Refresh your building’s exterior and ensure its durability
Improve your interior with durable, low-VOC finishes tailored to your needs
Comprehensive warehouse floor markings and line-striping solutions tailored to your needs
Ready for all heights and types, with certified aerial lift operators
Restore, refresh, and increase the visual appeal of the exterior of your facilities
From pipe labeling to hazard marking, ensure safety and compliance
Coating solutions engineered for enduring performance, aesthetics, and regulatory compliance
Safeguard your installations against the elements with durable coatings
Protect and revitalize your machinery
Safety-focused, compliant painting for difficult-to-access areas
Ready for all heights and types, with certified aerial lift operators
Comprehensive warehouse floor markings and line-striping solutions tailored to your needs
Durable coatings for forklift traffic, slip resistance, chemical resistance, and more
Reliable sealing and caulking for commercial and industrial environments
Transform floors into sleek, resilient surfaces with our concrete polishing.
Durable repair, patching, and resurfacing for industrial and commercial spaces.
Ensure safety and compliance with secure footing for workers and customers
Certified ESD flooring for durability, safety, and compliance
Comprehensive warehouse floor markings and line-striping solutions tailored to your needs
Durability and thermal shock resistance for industrial environments.
Industrial Cleaning

Comprehensive industrial cleaning services. We’re committed to delivering thorough and efficient cleaning solutions that enhance safety, maintain equipment longevity, and ensure compliance with industry standards.

Ready for all heights and types, with certified aerial lift operators
From advanced robotics to heavy-duty machines, ensure optimal performance and longevity
Mitigate risk and prevent catastrophic outcomes with professional dust cleaning
Versatile cleaning and surface preparation for industrial needs.
Designed for delicate finishes to heavy-duty industrial cleaning
Eradicate dirt, grime, mold, and other contaminants from your facilities
An innovative, environmentally friendly, and efficient alternative to traditional blasting
Efficiently clean with no water, chemicals, or secondary waste
Concrete Floor Repair and Resurfacing

Expert Concrete Flooring Repair, Patching, and Resurfacing.

Take full advantage of your concrete flooring with our specialized repair, patching, and resurfacing solutions. Our team of professionals is committed to restoring the integrity and beauty of your floors, ensuring durability and safety for industrial and commercial spaces. Discover how our services can transform your environment and meet your specific needs.

Doing business since
projects completed
5 Million+
sq. ft. of flooring polished or coated
happy customers, local small businesses and Fortune 500
Recordable safety incidents in the last 2 years

In the demanding environments of industrial and commercial facilities, concrete floors bear the brunt of heavy traffic, equipment strain, and chemical exposures, leading to inevitable wear-and-tear. Recognizing these challenges, our concrete floor repair, patching, and resurfacing services are designed to restore and enhance the durability, safety, and aesthetics of your floors.

Our skilled team uses the latest techniques and high-quality materials to address everything from minor cracks to comprehensive resurfacing needs, ensuring your floors can withstand the toughest conditions and continue to support your operations effectively. Let us help you maintain a foundation that stands strong against the daily demands of your business.

Four steps to long-lasting, good-looking concrete floors

The industrial / commercial concrete flooring professionals at Painters USA have a four-step process to keep concrete slabs in top functional and aesthetic form:

1. Thorough cleaning and repairs to prepare a superior surface for bonding adhesion and a smooth, blemish-free finish.
2. Identification of highest quality coating products based on environmental, operational, and financial specifications.
3. Coatings applied by trained crews to manufacturer specifications for maximum performance and warranty protection.
4. Clear coat sealer for an additional layer of protection and further flooring stability and longevity.

Painters USA has a wide range of experience across many industrial and commercial sectors, from large warehouses to food and ag processing to complex manufacturing facilities of all kinds. Our coating expertise can bring new life to worn concrete flooring slabs and expansion joints, preventing or postponing the expensive, time-consuming process of full replacement.  

The longer your floor goes without necessary repairs and updates, the more unstable it will become over time. That’s why keeping your industrial / commercial concrete floors in optimal condition should be at the top of your maintenance priority list, and Painters USA should be on your short list of qualified contractors.

Secure Your Facility’s Foundation

Addressing the integrity and safety of your floors is crucial in meeting compliance standards and ensuring a safe environment for employees and visitors alike. Our experts are equipped to provide solutions that tackle these concerns head-on, from repairing hazards to applying industry-leading coatings. Don’t let flooring issues stand in the way of safety and compliance.

Problems You Have That We Can Solve

Cracked Concrete Surfaces

Cracks in concrete floors not only detract from the aesthetic appeal but also compromise structural integrity, posing safety risks. Our repair services efficiently address these issues, restoring floors to their original strength and appearance.

Uneven Flooring

Uneven floors can be a tripping hazard and interfere with the operation of machinery. Our leveling and patching solutions create a smooth, uniform surface, enhancing safety and operational efficiency.

Worn-Out Coatings

Over time, floor coatings can wear away, leaving the underlying concrete exposed to damage. We apply durable coatings that resist wear, chemicals, and stains, extending the life of your floors.

Moisture Damage

Moisture penetration can lead to significant problems, including mold growth and structural damage. Our sealing and waterproofing services protect your floors from moisture, ensuring their longevity.

Chemical Spills

Industrial and commercial floors often face chemical spills that can erode surfaces. Our chemical-resistant coatings provide a safeguard, maintaining the floor’s integrity even in harsh environments.

High Traffic Wear

Constant foot and vehicle traffic can rapidly degrade flooring. We offer solutions that withstand heavy use, ensuring your floors remain functional and visually appealing for years to come.

Expansion Joint Failure

Failed expansion joints can compromise floor stability and alignment. Our maintenance services include filling and sealing joints to prevent further damage and misalignment.

Surface Pitting

Pitting, or small craters in the concrete surface, can accumulate debris and weaken the floor. Our resurfacing services smooth out these imperfections, enhancing durability and appearance.

Streamline Your Operations with Durable Flooring

The foundation of your operation’s efficiency lies literally underfoot. Our concrete floor repair and resurfacing services are designed to minimize downtime and enhance the durability of your floors, ensuring smooth operations and longevity. Whether it’s heavy machinery traffic or rigorous daily activities, we have the expertise to fortify your floors against the toughest conditions. Ready to upgrade your operational efficiency?

Why choose Painters USA?

Minimal Downtime and Disruption

Maintenance is disruptive. You need a team that gets in and out ASAP. That’s why we pride ourselves with our large, well-trained crews that meet your deadlines and minimize downtime – our speciality!

Competitive pricing

Being on-budget is as important as being on-time, so we prepare accurate estimates and bids for no unwanted surprises.

Quality and value assurance

We aim to meet or exceed quality expectations, backed by warranties and recommending the best materials to balance performance and costs.

Regional / national coverage

For convenience and single-point-accountability, we have the resources and capacity to work across multiple sites in the US, including remote / rural locations.

Safety first

Our commitment to safety—backed by ISN RAVS Plus® status and an exemplary TRIR rating—reduces workplace hazards and legal / financial risks in your facilities.

Licensed and insured

Painters USA is fully licensed and insured, and our crews are full-time employees who have undergone thorough background checks.

Client references

We are happy to share client references based on your industry or facility challenges and goals for the greatest relevance to your situation.

Supplier diversity

As a woman-owned business, we can help you diversify and expand your supplier network.

Woman Owned

As a WBENC certified woman-owned business, Painters USA delivers added benefits like tax incentives, new procurement channels, innovation, and commitment to supplier diversity. Plus the certification / recertification process validates our operational and financial strengths.

WBENC certified since 2014

Our happy clients. Both big and small

"Great foreman and great crew. They had all proper PPE and followed all safety protocols perfectly."
General Contractor
Corsicana, TX
"Phase two of five phases to paint the entire facility. If the contract is extended for phase three I would request the same crew to return in the spring."
Property Manager
Gary, IN
"Tremendous communication and follow-ups throughout the project."
Chemical industry client
Illiopolis, IL
"Crew was very respectful and on point with any concerns. They worked extremely well with our management team."
Big-box retail client
Fort Worth, TX
"Throughout this project it’s been great to see how the paint crews can transform the whole mill to a modern look. Like bringing the mill back to life."
Agriculture industry client
DeMotte, IN
"Great to work with on this large project. They have been courteous and respectful of the population that we serve."
Healthcare industry client
Aurora, IL
"Project manager explained each step of the work to me and solved a situation very well and was very professional. And his crew is also very professional."
Manufacturing client
Plainfield, IL

Serving local businesses and the Fortune 500 with equal care

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Transform Your Floors, Transform Your Space.

Aesthetics can play a significant role in the overall mood of your workspace, impacting employee morale and client perceptions. Our flooring solutions not only repair and protect but also offer a range of finishes to rejuvenate your space. From polished concrete to decorative coatings, let us help you create a floor that reflects your brand’s identity and values. Looking for a visual upgrade?

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