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Industrial and Commercial-Grade Epoxy Floors.

Protect concrete floors with the right coating technologies for withstanding forklift traffic, chemical spills, and other destructive forces.

For long-wearing industrial and commercial floors, epoxy coating systems applied by experienced contractors like Painters USA are the go-to solution. Get optimal results in minimal time with our concrete flooring and coating expertise, commitment to job site safety, scheduling that meets your requirements, professional project management, and superior communications.

Our flooring crews are dedicated to meeting your deadlines.
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Common problems solved or mitigated with epoxy flooring

Food safety compliance

With regular audits and inspections, no food company can afford to be non-compliant with SQF and other regulations. Professional epoxy flooring delivers superior food grade protection from biological, chemical, and physical hazards.

Chemical spill protection

If your production processes involve regular use of solvents, acids, and other chemicals, you understand the corrosive force these materials have on concrete surfaces. Specialized epoxy coating systems offer excellent protection for preserving structural integrity.

Forklift and equipment protection

Forklifts wreak havoc on concrete flooring in warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities. On the flip side, control joints and other seams can cause major damage to forklifts! Reduce and prevent these physical hazards with seamless epoxy flooring systems.

Workplace safety

If slips and falls are a concern, different textures and anti-slip additives can be incorporated into the epoxy floor system, plus epoxy is a durable option for floor striping and markings to safely guide traffic and workflow.

Durability and performance

Flooring maintenance is a disruptive process, best contained with fast return to service and solutions that are long-lasting. Painters USA delivers both with our epoxy floor system expertise and many years of projects delivered on-time.

Aesthetics and appearance

Aesthetics have become very important in modern industrial facilities, especially in large corporations with internal standards for all their locations. Painters USA’s epoxy flooring services will deliver a bright, pleasant look to your facility!

Questions you should be asking

What factors determine the best industrial floor coatings to use?

A number of different factors should be assessed, plus unique traits that apply to your business or facility:

  • Traffic patterns and volume
  • Condition of concrete substrate
  • Environmental factors like thermal shock and chemical exposure
  • Compliance with various regulations and standards
  • Typical operational schedules
What are the key differences between epoxy and polyurethane coatings?

Epoxies and polyurethanes are both thermosetting polymers, made by irreversibly hardening a soft solid or viscous liquid by heat or mixing with a catalyst. They work well together, and the most durable coating systems usually consist of an epoxy primer, an epoxy build-coat, and a polyurethane topcoat. Epoxy is preferred for priming concrete substrates and providing build or thickness to correct for minor imperfections or uneven floors. Polyurethanes enhance performance and aesthetics, protect from yellowing, improve chemical and abrasion resistance, and offer more finishing options.

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How long does it take for epoxy floor coatings to cure?

Curing and setting times vary. While most experts agree that epoxy is safe to walk on after about 25 hours, epoxy cure times can range from 12-18 hours to 36-72 hours for a return to normal operational traffic. It takes about a week for most epoxies to reach full chemical cure. For results that are long-lasting and most durable, it’s important to discuss your return to service needs, as rushing the curing process can lead to long-term performance issues.

What are “mils” and how many mils should be applied?

When discussing painting and coating in the US, a mil is not a millimeter (mm) but 1/1000th of an inch, based on the English or Imperial System used in the United States. A thickness of 20 mils means the coating is 20/1000 inches thick.

As for how many mils are needed for epoxy floor coatings, it could range from a few mils to as thick as 40-50 mils. The variables used to assess mil thickness include condition of the concrete substrate, performance demands, the operational environment, manufacturer recommendations for the specific coating product, and time and budget constraints.

How long do epoxy floor coatings last?

When the right coatings are specified and all steps of the installation process—substrate repairs and surface prep, coating application, cure time—are done correctly by experienced industrial floor coating professionals, epoxy floor coatings can last well over ten years of normal operations, with proper cleaning and maintenance.

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Industrial and Commercial-Grade Epoxy Floors.

Reduce wear and tear from machines like forklifts with the latest coatings in the industry. We’re dedicated to meeting your return-to-service deadlines, without sacrificing safety or performance.

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