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Tank insulation coatings.

Consistent temperatures, energy efficiency, and structural integrity for industrial storage tanks with coating services from Painters USA.

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Storage tanks hold a variety of liquids or gases including raw materials, intermediates, final products and usable byproducts. They are vital, workhorse structures in process manufacturing, power and energy generation, and other industrial sectors. Yet thanks to climate, weather, and operating conditions, industrial storage tanks are highly susceptible to corrosion. Once that process begins, if not caught and corrected, it continues on to erode structural integrity and compromise the tank's useful life.

To keep your industrial tanks in optimal condition and protect your material and product investments, you can rely on the tank maintenance experience and coating expertise of Painters USA.

Painters USA tank insulation expertise

The employee crews of Painters USA have years of tank insulation experience to help you protect your multi-million dollar investments, including:

  • Outside oil tank insulation
  • Pressure tank insulation
  • LNG tank insulation
  • Water cylinder insulation

We understand the unique operating requirements for industries that rely on tank systems, like oil and gas, chemical processing, food and beverage processing, and energy and power.

The materials we use are a great alternative to expensive spray foam tank insulation, plus they are low VOC and environmentally friendly.

Another process we can utilize is standing seam insulation.  This insulating system has an advantage over a membrane insulating system in that the membrane systems are prone to punctures during maintenance periods or weather events like hailstorms.  With a long lifespan, standing seam insulation does not require constant maintenance or downtime due to repair or replacement.

Whatever requirements and constraints you have, Painters USA can find a cost-effective solution to keep your storage tanks in top working order. 

Energy efficiency

An important step in many process industries is the heating of tank liquids. Heat may be part of the production process itself. It may enable and facilitate pumping of materials like heavy oils. In some applications, heating may be required to deal with heat lost from the tank surface or liquid surface exposed to the atmosphere.

No matter what, heating requires energy costs, and every year, a large amount of energy and energy dollars are wasted due to poorly insulated storage tanks. Without a reliable, well-maintained insulation system, storage tanks are much less energy-efficient.

Our safety culture delivers big benefits

Safe workplaces make for a happier, more productive workforce. They reduce legal and insurance risks. They protect lives and assure families that their loved ones will return home from work every day. Our commitment to safety gives our clients one less thing to worry about.

Our dedication to safety

Worker safety and welfare

Another important consideration is worker safety. PPE and barriers can be used to prevent incidental contact with hot surfaces, yet workers who work regularly around industrial storage tanks need and deserve a reliable, well-maintained tank insulation system for safe touch assurance. OSHA requirements for heat exposure, storage tanks, and certain processing industries include recommendations and requirements to reduce worker exposure to burns, heat exhaustion, and other high-temperature risks.

Large crews, will travel

If your needs are extensive, complex, or span multiple commercial / industrial sites, Painters USA has you covered. With large crews working from centrally located offices in Illinois and Texas, we have the resources you need for minimal downtime. Enjoy the convenience and consistent outcomes of working with one painting contractor and the peace of mind knowing that your project will be done on-time and on-budget.

Corrosion under insulation (CUI) prevention and repair

Corrosion under insulation (CUI) is a form of corrosion that occurs most commonly on insulated carbon and low alloy steel and stainless steel equipment operating at high temperatures. Because it's hidden under the insulation, it can go undetected for a long time, resulting in catastrophic leaks, equipment failure, prolonged downtime, safety and environmental concerns and even explosions. CUI is a common problem across many industries, especially refining, chemical, power, and offshore industries like crude oil and natural gas extraction.

With NACE (now AMPP) coating certifications and training, along with extensive experience in refineries and other industries prone to CUI issues, Painters USA will help ensure this insidious corrosion issue doesn't derail your business.

Other tank insulation benefits

Tank maintenance with minimal down time

The production needs and goals of our clients always come first, so remember Painters USA when tank maintenance work needs to be done with as little disruption as possible to your operating schedule. We can deploy large, well-trained crews and schedule our work during slow-downs, shutdowns, turn-arounds, or simply days and shifts that are off-peak.

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