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Contributing to patient health and safety.

Painters USA delivers painting, coating, and flooring services to help medical facilities offer the best patient, provider, and staff experiences.

Healthcare facilities require unique considerations when it comes to painting, coating, and flooring services.

Painters USA understands that healthcare plant services managers must balance conflicting priorities, including regulatory compliance, creating a relaxing and positive patient experience, satisfying medical providers and staff, and budget and scheduling constraints.

We work with you to find the most efficient and effective solutions for high quality outcomes, and our work gets done after your work gets done, if possible. If not, we take extra steps to minimize disruptions and inconveniences in facilities with no downtime.

Our safety culture delivers big benefits

Safe workplaces make for a happier, more productive workforce. They reduce legal risks and insurance costs. They assure families that their loved ones will return home from work every day. They give you one less thing to worry about.

Our dedication to safety

Antimicrobial paint and coating products for healthcare

Designed to inhibit the growth and spread of germs and bacteria, antimicrobial additives may be incorporated into most paints and coatings for ceilings, walls, floors, and other surfaces. These coatings are in high demand in healthcare facilities, where every step is taken to reduce the presence and spread of pathogens.

Yet the use of antimicrobial paints and coatings has started to come under question in the healthcare industry. According to Cleaning & Maintenance Management (CMM), Kaiser Permanente has recently stopped using these products in its facilities across the United States.

Whatever your view is, Painters USA will listen to your needs, preferences, and concerns. With that understanding, we work with you to determine the best paints, coatings, and services to give you the cleanest, brightest, longest lasting outcomes.

Our NACE-certified coating specialists can share the pros and cons of any options to help you make the best choice, whether your facility is a small dental practice or a major hospital group. And rather than a "one paint fits all" approach, we can help target the best painting, coating, and flooring products and application methods depending on space utilization and other factors that matter to healthcare plant services.

Healthcare facility types Space Needs for painting and coatings
Hospitals and large medical centers Lobbies, waiting rooms, treatment rooms, x-ray and radiography vaults, operating room areas, emergency room areas, patient rooms, corridors, pharmacies, cafeterias, gift shops, chapels, staff offices and work areas, storage space, restrooms and locker rooms, parking garages and walkways.
Medical and dental clinics Lobbies, waiting rooms, treatment rooms, x-ray and radiography vaults, corridors, pharmacies, cafeterias, staff offices and work areas, storage space, restrooms.
Doctor and dentist offices Lobbies, waiting rooms, treatment rooms, corridors, offices, staff work areas and break rooms, restrooms.
Urgent care facilities Lobbies, waiting rooms, treatment rooms, x-ray and radiography vaults, pharmacies, staff offices and work areas, storage space, restrooms.
Plastic surgery centers and med spas Lobbies, waiting rooms, treatment and procedure rooms, patient recovery rooms, corridors, staff offices and work areas, storage space, restrooms.
Pharmacies Waiting areas, storage areas, staff offices and work areas, retail areas, restrooms.
Laboratories Lobbies and waiting areas, treatment rooms, laboratory space, storage areas, staff offices and work areas.
Assisted living facilities and nursing homes Lobbies and public space, private resident space, activity and workout rooms, chapels, beauty salons, corridors, cafeterias, staff offices and work areas, restrooms.

Better air quality with ventilation and low / no VOC paints

Good ventilation and the use of low or no VOC products are as important to Painters USA as they are to our healthcare clients.

Treatment and patient rooms often share the same ventilation system with other spaces. Painters USA crews will take every precaution like blocking vents and gaps to mitigate this risk while they work. Finding ways to increase airflow is another helpful precaution, along with using HEPA air filters to help scrub the air.

No commercial facilities want heavy, lingering paint fumes and odors, especially medical facilities, where "customers" are people experiencing health issues. To minimize or eliminate this problem, Painters USA can use low-VOC or no-VOC paints and coatings.

VOC is an acronym for volatile organic compounds. These compounds are emitted by paint, sealants, and adhesives and react with exposure to air. Our paint and coating specialists can source the best low or no voc paints to address any health or environmental concerns.

Flooring services popular in healthcare facilities

Critical in healthcare and food and beverage industries, anti-microbial floor coatings protect facilities from contamination.
Reduce wear and tear from machines like forklifts, and protect your concrete floors from chemical spills, solvents and acids with coating technology.
This seamless transition from floor to up the wall keeps moisture & bacteria from finding a spot to hide & multiply.
Static dissipative flooring can be used in electronics & laboratory settings where sensitive equipment cannot be exposed to a static charge.
Slips, trips and falls are a leading cause of workplace accidents. Make sure your employees are safe with non-slip floor coatings.

Painting services for healthcare facilities

Painting your ceiling in a manufacturing area makes the workspace brighter & safer for your employees.
Protecting your concrete, brick, wood, dryvit, or metal structures is one of our specialties at Painters USA.
A fresh coat of paint in any area of your commercial property does a lot for employee morale.
Company logos & slogans on interior walls or exterior silos & tanks are a great way to enhance your message and brand.

Cleaning services for healthcare facilities

A simple cleaning of your factory or warehouse ceiling can increase light reflectivity dramatically.
Cleaning sensitive equipment requires a delicate solution – dry ice blasting is just that.
This service can be used for just cleaning your surfaces or as the first step in our painting process.

Other advantages of working with Painters USA

Remember Painters USA for experienced healthcare facility painting, coating, and flooring services.

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