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Industrial painting favors function over form

Industrial painting is like a coat of armor, providing a protective coating to help underlying surfaces and substrates withstand the operational conditions and environment they’re exposed to on a regular basis.

When a skilled industrial painter like Painters USA is finished, your industrial structures will be less prone to corrosion and wear and better able to maintain high production and financial value. Our crews work safely and efficiently in your industrial facilities, and we prepare them for any situation to help plant managers hit their facility maintenance goals. We work safely and efficiently in any setting, and we're pros at getting the most done under tight operational schedules.

What is the difference between commercial and industrial painting?

Both involve painting for a business or other entity like a government or university. Commercial painting is the description generally used for facilities like retail stores or hotels, which are used by customers and other people who are not employees. While durability and performance matter, aesthetics are also a high priority.

Industrial painting is the description for facilities generally used in production, often in harsh operating conditions. Durability and protection are the highest priorities, while aesthetics are less critical. Industrial structures are generally used only by employees and other authorized persons. Both industrial and commercial painting projects involve much more sophisticated equipment and materials, surface preparation, worker skill, and adherence to regulations than residential painting.

Technical specifications for industrial painting

Industrial painting is governed by a number of formal standards and certification programs to ensure high-performance paints and quality painting contractors. One such industry standard for corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems is ISO 12944, which covers:

Other standards and specifications include ASTM paint and related coating standards and AMPP corrosion and coatings standards

Because of the wear and tear that industrial structures must endure and the importance of durability and protection, look for industrial painting contractors like Painters USA. Our certifications and understanding of industry standards are another level of assurance that we will deliver the safest, highest quality, most durable outcomes.

Material Silo Painting In Illinois

Industrial painting application

Application of paints and coatings are more stringent for industrial settings.  The thickness of a coat of paint may not be crucial on a sheetrock wall in a hotel lobby, but having the correct thickness and uniform application can be critical on a metal surface. 

Industrial coatings have requirements for mix ratios, material and application temperatures, a defined pot life or working time (how much time after mixing before the paint is no longer usable), film thickness and uniformity, and recoat windows for applying a second coat. Painters USA is experienced at applying coatings for a wide range of industrial settings, in mils that are the thickness of 2 or 3 human hairs, often applied outdoors in adverse conditions like 10-15 mile an hour winds, uncomfortable heat and humidity, and working on platforms 30-50 feet above the ground.

We do some limited use of roller and paintbrush application in small areas that don’t require uniform thickness, as brushing and rolling are very time-consuming. Other application methods that are faster, more efficient, and controllable include:

Meeting your industrial painting objectives

You have many options for industrial coatings, surface cleaning and preparation, and paint application. Painters USA will help you assess those options based on your criteria and preferences, such as:

We’re ready for your industrial painting requirements

Painters USA has served a variety of industries throughout the years. We are committed to safely deliver your project, on time and on budget. Are you a facility manager in search of an experienced, reliable commercial / industrial painting contractor? Submit a request online or call us for a painting estimate. 

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Other facility maintenance services

Grease, oil, and dust can prohibit your manufacturing facility from operating at peak levels. Our crews know how to make you shine.
Painting your ceiling in a manufacturing area makes the workspace brighter & safer for your employees.
A fresh coat of paint in any area of your commercial or industrial property does a lot for employee morale – especially in the winter.
Enhance operations, increase brightness, and protect your concrete flooring foundation with this durable, low maintenance option
Reduce wear and tear from machines like forklifts, and protect your concrete floors from chemical spills, solvents and acids with coating technology.
This specialized service provides a smooth factory-like finish on machinery, files cabinets, lockers, and other metal surfaces.
Company logos & slogans on interior walls or exterior silos & tanks are a great way to enhance your message and brand.

Industry experience

It takes certain credentials & insurance to work around railroads and Painters USA have them all.
Tank, pipe, & pipe rack painting using our corrosion control products help refineries stay maintained.
Our rust control products are long lasting and are perfect for cooling units, towers, and other structural steel.
Tank painting & mold removal on tanks are just a couple of the things we offer to the ethanol industry.
We know each degreasing project is different so we assess the optimal cleaning agent & process to get your job done right.
Mining is one of the heaviest industries out there when it comes to wear and tear on equipment.  Along with…
Here at Painters USA, we’re proud of the things that make us different. In fact, we think they’re some of…

Industrial cleaning services

Our NACE certified coatings inspectors utilize sandblasting to achieve the proper profile on the substrate, maximizing coating adhesion.
Cleaning sensitive equipment requires a delicate solution – dry ice blasting is just that.
By using only 10% of the abrasive media in traditional sand blasting, this blasting method has become one of our top services preferred by clients.
Grease, oil, and dust can prohibit your manufacturing facility from operating at peak levels. Our crews know how to make you shine.

Specialized painting services

This specialized service provides a smooth factory-like finish on machinery, files cabinets, lockers, and other metal surfaces.
Your multi-million dollar investments can be protected with our proven rust control systems.
Protect storage tanks, silos, and bins from the elements and safeguard normal operations with proper maintenance and coating services.
Breathe new life into your older machinery with a fresh coat of durable paint.
OSHA requires a specific color coding to indicate what each pipe contains for quick, universal identification.
From small pedestrian bridges to large locomotive trestles, we have the manpower & skill to protect any structure.
Whether you have steel structures inside or outside your facility, the Painters USA team of coatings professionals can protect them…
Company logos & slogans on interior walls or exterior silos & tanks are a great way to enhance your message and brand.

Why Painters USA

Painters USA is ready for the demands of painting any difficult industrial structures, including confined spaces. Our crews are methodical and detail-oriented, able to tackle large-scale painting projects for maximum performance and quality outcomes.

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