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Dedicated to raising mental health awareness by fostering open dialogue, providing resources, and organizing events to support the well-being of our employees and community.

Refresh your building’s exterior and ensure its durability
Improve your interior with durable, low-VOC finishes tailored to your needs
Comprehensive warehouse floor markings and line-striping solutions tailored to your needs
Ready for all heights and types, with certified aerial lift operators
Restore, refresh, and increase the visual appeal of the exterior of your facilities
From pipe labeling to hazard marking, ensure safety and compliance
Coating solutions engineered for enduring performance, aesthetics, and regulatory compliance
Safeguard your installations against the elements with durable coatings
Protect and revitalize your machinery
Safety-focused, compliant painting for difficult-to-access areas
Ready for all heights and types, with certified aerial lift operators
Comprehensive warehouse floor markings and line-striping solutions tailored to your needs
Durable coatings for forklift traffic, slip resistance, chemical resistance, and more
Reliable sealing and caulking for commercial and industrial environments
Transform floors into sleek, resilient surfaces with our concrete polishing.
Durable repair, patching, and resurfacing for industrial and commercial spaces.
Ensure safety and compliance with secure footing for workers and customers
Certified ESD flooring for durability, safety, and compliance
Comprehensive warehouse floor markings and line-striping solutions tailored to your needs
Durability and thermal shock resistance for industrial environments.
Industrial Cleaning

Comprehensive industrial cleaning services. We’re committed to delivering thorough and efficient cleaning solutions that enhance safety, maintain equipment longevity, and ensure compliance with industry standards.

Ready for all heights and types, with certified aerial lift operators
From advanced robotics to heavy-duty machines, ensure optimal performance and longevity
Mitigate risk and prevent catastrophic outcomes with professional dust cleaning
Versatile cleaning and surface preparation for industrial needs.
Designed for delicate finishes to heavy-duty industrial cleaning
Eradicate dirt, grime, mold, and other contaminants from your facilities
An innovative, environmentally friendly, and efficient alternative to traditional blasting
Efficiently clean with no water, chemicals, or secondary waste

Industrial Painting Services for Interior and Exterior.

Our interior and exterior industrial painting services cater to the unique needs of your facility. Backed by decades of experience, our experts are dedicated to delivering robust solutions that tackle corrosion, withstand extreme conditions, and ensure safety, enhancing the lifespan of your assets.

Factories, bulk storage tanks and silos, refineries, aircraft hangars—these are just a few of the industrial facilities Painters USA has worked on from the rural Midwest to busy Gulf ports and other locations. Our adherence to safety protocols, technical coating expertise, ability to meet tight deadlines, and superior project management keep us at the top of the contractor list for heavy industry clients large and small.

Our industrial painting crews meet deadlines and specs, with no handholding required.
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Industrial painting needs and concerns

Machinery / Tanks / Piping

Industrial facilities include a variety of surfaces and structures with unique requirements. From color coding pipes to safety considerations like confined space or lockout / tagout procedures, our crews are trained and experienced.

Hard-to-Reach Surfaces

Industrial cleaning and painting work is often done at dizzying heights or in compact, confined spaces. Our safety-focused crews have the experience and training to efficiently clean, prep, and coat areas that are difficult to access.

Rust / Corrosion Protection

Corrosion is a top concern at industrial facilities. With years of experience and certified coating expertise, we restore interior and exterior rusted surfaces and protect them with coatings that resist water and other causes of corrosion.

Heat / Cold / Sunlight

Coatings are an excellent way to safeguard industrial surfaces from UVA rays, temperature extremes, thermal cycling, and other environmental factors. We’ll factor your weather and operational circumstances into our services and solutions.

Combustible Dust

Accumulated dust and debris can be a dangerous combustible material, sparking explosions and fires. Our combustible dust cleaning experience includes safety awareness and procedures to protect against these hazards in your facility.

Durability / Performance

Heavy industrial facilities operate under extreme operational and environmental conditions, with limited downtime for maintenance. Count on our expertise and capabilities for results that can last for many years to extend useful life.

“Jaime & Rigo did a great job making sure that all of the specific details were taken care of for the Deerfield Public Library’s painting projects. They were always on time, patient and focused on customer satisfaction. I would highly recommend their crew to another client. Thank you for all the hard work to make the Library project a success!”

Deerfield Public Library – Deerfield, IL

“Great workmanship and professional and neat. Jose and his team were always making sure everything looked perfect and that the customer was satisfied with the job. Everything looks perfect! Thank you!!”

FPE Automation – Elk Grove Village, IL

“Crew did a good job fixing the mistakes from the last crew. A lot of extra prep was completed to attempt to get this paint to stick and last. We have other areas that continue to do the same but not to the extent of the areas fixed. New areas that were completed look very nice. Prep seemed to be done efficiently and up to par and the paint looks great. Crew was professional and clean. Would love to work with these guys again in the future. Hope the product holds up. Thank you for another job well done.”

Seneca Foods Corporation – Gillett, WI

“Very professional. Will contact again for next project. Work area is very clean and good communication. Thank you”

Syngenta Seeds, Inc – Pelkin, IL

“The crew was very professional and always maintained a clean work environment. We welcome them back anytime in our facility and have recommended their services to other plants around the Midwest due to the satisfaction at our facility. The foreman goes out of his way to ensure the job is done to the highest standard.”

Tyson Foods Inc – Portland, IN

“All the steps from start to finish were amazing. Everyone was professional and respectful. Highly recommend them to others. Nick was a great leader of his team!”

St. Michael’s School – Wheaton, IL

“Very competent and informative crew. Very pleased with job and performance. Looks great. Crew was knowledgeable and hardworking. Look forward to working with them more in the future.”

ADM – Auburn, IL

“Great safe crew and look forward to many more projects.”

Kinley Construction – Fort Worth, TX

Questions you should be asking

How much experience does your company have in industrial painting projects and can you provide references or examples of similar projects you have completed successfully in the past?

Industrial painting projects are often large, complex, and performed without the luxury of a full shutdown to ease the way. If any of these factors describe your situation, it will reduce your risks and ultimately save money and time to select a painting contractor that has proven experience and references that are relevant to your circumstances.

What type of preparation work do you recommend for the ceilings and ceiling beams before painting?

1. At the start of every industrial painting project, fixtures that can’t be moved or areas not intended for painting are covered with drop cloths or plastic sheets for protection.
2. All surfaces that will be painted need cleaning, and nowhere is this more important than the high ceilings and beams of industrial buildings. As they are not routinely cleaned like floors or even walls, we can collect pounds of dust and debris from a good blow-down. In some instances, solvents or other cleaning agents might also be used.
3. We inspect for any damage such as cracks, holes, or flaking paint and repair and patch these areas, using fillers if needed for a uniform canvas, including sanding and smoothing of rough or uneven surfaces.
4. A coat of primer is then applied to promote adhesion, improve durability, and enhance the overall finish.

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What type of paint and primer do you recommend for industrial facilities? Are there any specific brands or products you prefer to work with?

Require paints and primers designed for industrial or commercial applications, as these products are formulated to withstand harsh industrial operating conditions. For primers, bonding primers promote strong paint adhesion, and a stain-blocking primer will prevent staining or discoloration from bleeding through. For paints, it depends on the surface material and use. They are typically based on alkyd, acrylic, vinyl, polyester, polyurethane, or epoxy resins. Polyurethane or epoxy coatings are commonly used on surfaces that need superior adhesion and durability. In addition, other features and attributes may be specified and enhanced, such as scratch-resistance, or rust inhibition.

As for brands, products from leading manufacturers like Sherwin-Williams, PPG, Carboline, and Benjamin Moore offer reliable performance, quality results, and the company’s support in the unlikely event of failure.

How many coats of paint and primer do you typically apply, and what is the recommended drying time between coats?

While unique circumstances or special requirements may vary, it is common to apply two or three coats for industrial applications.

Drying time between coats depends on a number of variables, including the specific paint formulation, environmental conditions, air circulation, and the thickness of the applied coat. Water-based paints (acrylic, latex, vinyl) are the fastest-drying, needing typically 1 to 2 hours before applying the next coat. Solvent-based paints (often called oil-based) usually require longer drying times of several hours.

It is important for the contractor to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and technical data sheets for precise drying time. This will ensure proper curing and adhesion of each coat for long-lasting performance and quality appearance.

What color choices and finishes are suitable for industrial environments?

Most industrial facility managers specify a neutral color like white or gray. White provides a clean and bright appearance and also reflects light, which enhances visibility for productivity, safety, and energy efficiency. Gray tones are chosen for their ability to conceal dirt and dust.

Colors may also be specified for functional needs and areas. Yellow is commonly used for floor markings, caution signs, and hazardous areas as it is highly visible and draws attention to potential dangers. Red is often used for fire safety equipment, emergency exits, and high-risk areas as it is a universal sign for stopping or warning. Finally, some companies specify their own company colors for branding and consistency across all locations.

In regard to finish, glossy finishes are often preferred in industrial facilities because they provide a smooth, durable surface that reflects light, resists staining, and allows for easy cleaning. Semi-gloss finishes offer a balance between shine and matte. Matte finishes are less common in industrial settings but may be used in areas where a non-reflective appearance is desired.

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Will your team be responsible for moving or protecting any equipment or other items in the area before starting the painting process?

In most situations, the contractor will move or cover anything that is not to be painted with plastic sheeting or drop cloth. In addition, the contractor will also use tape, cones, and signage to mark their work area. In some cases, like when a company is particularly sensitive about equipment or product or they would like to save money, the client will do it themselves. This should be discussed beforehand. In any event, a good contractor will double-check to make sure all coverings and maskings are adequate.

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How long do you estimate the project will take, and what is the proposed timeline for completion?

Many variables will determine timelines and how long the project will take to complete. It could be anywhere from a couple days to several weeks, depending on the size and complexity. It’s important to have a thorough discussion of needs and circumstances and a detailed project scope to ensure that deadlines are met with no surprises or delays.

Can you provide a detailed breakdown of the cost estimate, including labor, materials, and any additional charges or potential extra costs?

Many variables, including the size and complexity of the facility, will determine the cost. That’s why it’s vital to meet with qualified industrial painting contractors for an assessment of needs and discussion of project details in order to obtain an accurate cost estimate and to guide a well-informed vendor decision. For more information, see this article on the four major cost components and how they contribute to project pricing.

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Our teams in Illinois and Texas are highly experienced in tank and silo painting for agriculture, oil and gas, and other heavy users of these structures.

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