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Safety comes first with OSHA 10/30 card-carrying equipment and services that enhance workplace safety.

Quality delivered with certified equipment in the latest equipment, products and techniques in the industry.

Abrasive blasting for cleaning and surface prep.

Painters USA offers safe, abrasive blasting services for all industrial surface needs and conditions.

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Abrasive blasting is suitable for a range of commercial and industrial cleaning and surface preparation needs. In the right hands and using the right materials and methods, it can do everything from stripping away layers of paint or greasy buildup to cleaning sensitive areas like labs or machinery. Blasting can prepare most any surface to meet your specifications and enable maximum coating adhesion.

How and when to use abrasive blasting

Importance of blasting skill and safety

When it comes to shooting sand and other tiny, abrasive objects at interior or exterior surfaces at a very high velocity, skill and safety cannot be overemphasized. Just think of what something that can strip paint off a wall could do to people, machinery, landscaping, and facility contents.

With over four decades of experience in commercial and industrial painting, Painters USA is a safe, trustworthy provider of sandblasting and other abrasive cleaning and surface treatment services.

As a company, we take every precaution to protect the safety of our crews, as well as the safety of your people and your capital assets. Our workers are covered from head to toe in personal protective equipment, and no blasting begins until the surrounding areas are covered or shielded. Blasting can be scheduled when nobody else is in the facility, including overnight, weekends, and scheduled downtime.

Vapor-assisted blasting

One of the many ways Painters USA can mitigate some of the hazards of abrasive blasting is through vapor-assisted blasting, which offers some important benefits over old-school sandblasting:

No matter what blasting method or materials are needed for your cleaning / surface prep specifications, when you hire Painters USA, only experienced, well-trained crews will do the work. We meet any priority, from safety to environmental protection to meeting tight timelines and budgets.

Sandblasting and more

Sandblasting is a common term used to describe any type of abrasive blasting, as it dates back well over a century. It was patented in 1870 by soldier Benjamin Chew Tilghman, who allegedly got the idea by seeing the effect of windblown sand on windows during his time in the military.

Today, Painters USA has a wide range of blasting media to choose from, depending on the scope of your project, financial considerations, and other criteria. We can smooth a rough surface, rough up surfaces that are too smooth for proper coating adhesion, and even reshape some surfaces.

Abrasive medium Typical application
Baking soda Delicate peening, mold remediation, historical restoration.
Blastox® calcium silicate Stabilizing lead in industrial paints.
Ceramic beads Engine rebuilding, coatings removal, surface preparation.
Corn cob grit Biodegradable option useful for wood cleaning and stripping.
Dry ice Mold cleaning, specialized industrial cleaning.
Garnet Outdoor blasting, metal, aluminum.
Glass beads Engine rebuilding, coatings removal, surface preparation.
Jetmag Outdoor blasting, rust removal from metal surfaces.
Plastic Paint stripping, deburring, cleaning.
Sponge Sensitive cleaning environments, like historical restoration.
Starblast® staurolite sands Coarse and fine mix for removing rust, mill scale, and weathered coatings.
Steel grit Blast rooms, cleaning, heavy scale removal.
Steel shot Cleaning, peening, airless blasters, wheel machines.
Superoxalloy Profiling, corrosion and coating removal, degreasing.
Walnut shells Environmentally-friendly option good for sheet metal and engine cleaning.
Zirconia silica beads Designed for high quality, cost-efficient surface treatments.

No traces left behind

Painters USA is diligent about keeping a safe, orderly job site for the duration of every project we do. That includes projects that involve abrasive blasting. It’s ironic that this industrial cleaning method can be very messy and leave lingering residue of all kinds. We will never leave your facility without proper clean-up and safe removal of all residual waste, in compliance with applicable regulations and environmental concerns.

Other industrial cleaning services

Along with general cleaning of machinery, equipment, or industrial facilities, Painters USA Offers additional industrial cleaning services for specific needs and circumstances:

Keeping your facility free of combustible dust helps to mitigate fire, health, & safety hazards.
Having clean machinery let’s you see where any fluid leaks are coming from possibly saving you costly downtime.
Getting rid of all traces of mold so it doesn’t come back is just part of it – finding & fixing the source is just as important.
Removing graffiti requires expert knowledge of substrates and paint types, so it's best removed by a commercial/industrial painting contractor.
Your multi-million dollar investments can be protected with our proven rust control systems.

Regional and national coverage

We offer national account support for convenience, accountability, and consistent results for all your locations. No job is too big to handle. We’ll keep all your facilities in working order and restore high-traffic, high-use areas to make them good as new.

Plus we’re a certified woman-owned business for vendor diversity programs and goals.

OSHA safety standards

At Painters USA, we take pride in staying abreast of OSHA standards and other regulations that apply to our clients. We will help you comply with MSDS regulations, chemical handling, exposure control, and other safety requirements.

Abrasive blasting safety and efficacy

Sandblasting and other forms of abrasive blasting are best left to skilled crews and companies with all the necessary equipment, insurance, and experience. Painters USA will handle any industrial cleaning projects in a detailed and efficient manner, completing the work on time and on budget. We’re happy to answer your questions and provide a free estimate for any needs or budget.

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