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Safety comes first with OSHA 10/30 card-carrying equipment and services that enhance workplace safety.

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Wet and Vapor Blasting Experts – Cleaning and Surface Prep.

Designed for delicate finishes to heavy-duty industrial cleaning, our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of your project. Discover how our expertise can enhance the durability and appearance of your surfaces, ensuring they are ready for any finishing or coating.

Doing business since
projects completed
Commercial/Industrial customers
Happy customers, including local small businesses and Fortune 500 companies
Recordable safety incidents in the last 2 years

Wet blasting, also known as vapor blasting or slurry blasting, combines the precision of abrasive materials with the softening power of water and delivers a superior clean without the harshness associated with traditional sandblasting methods. This innovative technique not only meticulously cleans surfaces but also prepares them for coatings, ensuring an optimal foundation for any finishing work. Whether you’re dealing with delicate historical restorations or robust industrial machinery, our wet blasting services are engineered to provide a clean, polished finish while preserving the integrity of the underlying material.

At Painters USA, we understand the critical role of surface cleanliness and preparation in the longevity and performance of coatings. Our expert wet blasting services are designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients, from intricate restoration projects to large-scale industrial cleanings. With minimal environmental impact, reduced dust generation, and unparalleled surface finish quality, our solutions are your answer to advanced cleaning and precise surface preparation challenges.

Other benefits of vapor-assisted blasting

Painters USA utilizes vapor-assisted blasting, which is suitable for delicate surfaces and diverse industrial environments like airports, bridges, and factories. Adhering to industry standards and regulations, we ensure safety by employing proper blasting materials, dust collectors, and personal protective equipment (PPE). Our expertise extends to various structures, including concrete tilt-ups, machine shops, metal structures, shipyards, silos, and parking garages, ensuring efficient and compliant cleaning solutions.

Achieve Pristine Surfaces

Transform and revitalize your surfaces with precision and care. Our expert team is on standby to guide you through our tailored wet blasting solutions, designed to tackle even the most challenging projects with ease. Ready to improve your standards and bring new life to your surfaces?

Problems You Have That We Can Solve

Rust and Corrosion Removal

Remove rust and prevent further corrosion on metal surfaces with minimal substrate damage. Our wet blasting service meticulously cleans without compromising the integrity of the material.

Old Paint and Coating Removal

Efficiently strip away old paint, coatings, and residues to prepare surfaces for a fresh application. This process ensures complete removal without harming the underlying surface.

Uneven Surface Textures

Achieve a uniformly smooth or specific texture on surfaces that require precise finishing. Wet blasting eliminates inconsistencies, ensuring a high-quality preparation for subsequent coatings or treatments.

Preparation for New Coatings

Create the ideal surface profile for new coatings to adhere, resulting in longer-lasting finishes and improved protection against environmental factors.

Sensitive Surface Cleaning

Clean fragile or historically significant surfaces without the risk of damage. Wet blasting is perfect for delicate operations where preservation is key.

Industrial Equipment Maintenance

Extend the life of machinery and equipment with routine cleaning to prevent buildup of grease, grime, and other harmful contaminants that can degrade performance and cause downtime.

Woman Owned

As a WBENC certified woman-owned business, Painters USA delivers added benefits like tax incentives, new procurement channels, innovation, and commitment to supplier diversity. Plus the certification / recertification process validates our operational and financial strengths.

WBENC certified since 2014

Why choose Painters USA?

Minimal Downtime and Disruption

Maintenance is disruptive. You need a team that gets in and out ASAP. That’s why we pride ourselves with our large, well-trained crews that meet your deadlines and minimize downtime – our speciality!

Competitive pricing

Being on-budget is as important as being on-time, so we prepare accurate estimates and bids for no unwanted surprises.

Quality and value assurance

We aim to meet or exceed quality expectations, backed by warranties and recommending the best materials to balance performance and costs.

Regional / national coverage

For convenience and single-point-accountability, we have the resources and capacity to work across multiple sites in the US, including remote / rural locations.

Safety first

Our commitment to safety—backed by ISN RAVS Plus® status and an exemplary TRIR rating—reduces workplace hazards and legal / financial risks in your facilities.

Licensed and insured

Painters USA is fully licensed and insured, and our crews are full-time employees who have undergone thorough background checks.

Client references

We are happy to share client references based on your industry or facility challenges and goals for the greatest relevance to your situation.

Supplier diversity

As a woman-owned business, we can help you diversify and expand your supplier network.

Preserve Your Investment

Safeguard the integrity and history of your sensitive or historical surfaces with our gentle yet effective wet blasting services. Trust in our expertise to maintain and preserve the beauty of your assets without compromise. Isn’t it time to protect your legacy with precision care?

Our happy clients. Both big and small

"Great foreman and great crew. They had all proper PPE and followed all safety protocols perfectly."
General Contractor
Corsicana, TX
"Phase two of five phases to paint the entire facility. If the contract is extended for phase three I would request the same crew to return in the spring."
Property Manager
Gary, IN
"Tremendous communication and follow-ups throughout the project."
Chemical industry client
Illiopolis, IL
"Crew was very respectful and on point with any concerns. They worked extremely well with our management team."
Big-box retail client
Fort Worth, TX
"Throughout this project it’s been great to see how the paint crews can transform the whole mill to a modern look. Like bringing the mill back to life."
Agriculture industry client
DeMotte, IN
"Great to work with on this large project. They have been courteous and respectful of the population that we serve."
Healthcare industry client
Aurora, IL
"Project manager explained each step of the work to me and solved a situation very well and was very professional. And his crew is also very professional."
Manufacturing client
Plainfield, IL

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Minimize Downtime.

Our expert team ensures swift project execution, allowing you to resume operations promptly. Experience minimal disruption and maximize productivity with our streamlined services. Reach out today to learn how we can help you keep downtime to a minimum and maintain business continuity.

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