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Silo / Tank / Bin painting and restoration services.

Protect storage tanks, silos, and bins from the elements and operate without disruption with proper maintenance and coating services from Painters USA.

Concrete and metal storage tanks, silos and bins are mission-critical in industries like agriculture, refining, and chemicals. That’s why companies choose Painters USA to protect and restore them for optimal performance, safety, and appearance. Without proper maintenance, tanks and silos rust and corrode, leaving stored product vulnerable to contamination and spoilage.

We have decades of experience, our AMPP Coatings Inspectors have extensive coating knowledge, and our crews operate with a safety-first mentality, trained in confined space (CSE), aerial work, and fall protection. Plus we’re a certified WBENC business for your supplier diversity goals.

Tanks and silos often require the use of aerial lifts or Mobile Elevated Work Platforms. Painters USA crews are trained to safely operate this equipment, including fall protection, proper loading and traveling, overheard protection, and work zone stability.
Silos and Tanks painted
5 year
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Doing business since
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tank and silo projects

Common issues we address

Seasonal and operational deadlines

Storage tanks and silos must be ready-to-go to meet requirements like the annual harvest or seasonal fuel demand. Large crews accustomed to working in full and partial shutdowns will get you back to service fast.

Rust and corrosion

Rust and other forms of corrosion are a key concern in tank and silo maintenance, as these structures are generally outside, with continuous exposure to operational wear and tear and inclement weather.

Stored material contamination

Contamination of stored materials is quite costly and damaging to business reputations. Well-maintained silos and tanks protect the lifeblood of your business and strengthen your link in the supply chain.

Structural integrity

As vital assets in many industries like agriculture and energy, tanks and silos require regular maintenance to keep them protected and structurally sound for as long as possible, to avoid costly repair or replacement.


Workplace safety must always be top of mind, especially in high-risk industries that rely on tank and silo storage of potentially hazardous and flammable materials like fuel and chemicals.

Compliance and inspection readiness

We will ensure you are inspection-ready and compliant with OSHA, USDA, FDA, NSF, third party audits and any other applicable regulations and requirements.

Confined space training for tight spots

What do tanks, silos, vaults, tunnels, equipment housings, ductwork, and pipelines have in common? They’re all confined spaces with limited or restricted egress that creates hazards and complicates emergency responses. Painters USA follows OSHA guidelines for working in these settings by training and certifying our crews and foremen to work in confined spaces. Our clients appreciate this extra level of safety awareness and preparedness.

Our dedication to safety

Water tanks and towers

Extend the service life of your water storage tanks through specialized primers, intermediates, and topcoats, expertly applied by Painters USA. Coatings from manufacturers like Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine can be tailored to create the ideal coating system for any conditions, with minimal downtime and extended maintenance intervals.

8 Water Tank Paining Essentials
Leave the danger to our trained and experienced crews.

Questions you should be asking

What is the best way to prevent rust and corrosion in tanks and silos?

Choosing tanks made of materials that don’t rust, like fiberglass, may be the best way, but that’s not always feasible. Most tanks are made of steel, and steel is inherently susceptible, so regular inspection for early detection of problem areas, especially around bolts and fasteners, and timely maintenance to correct them is your best defense. Other recommendations:

  • Industrial paints and coatings are an effective way to prevent rust, as they offer barrier protection, which shields the metal substrate from contact with air and moisture to inhibit oxidation.
  • Cathodic protection is a corrosion protection technique which involves electrically connecting the tank’s metal components to another easily corroded metal to create an electrochemical reaction. Cathodic protection is mostly used in underground storage tanks.
  • Five tips for protecting tanks and silos from rust and corrosion

What is rust encapsulation and does it work for exterior tanks and silos?

Rust encapsulation is a process used to remedy signs of rust and inhibit future rust development. The first step is removal of loose rust, best done with high-pressure water, and then applying an encapsulating product on the clean, dry surface. This primer covers all remaining rust while blocking corrosive agents and penetrates the rest to provide an additional layer of protection.

Rust encapsulation for silos and tanks

What kind of maintenance is needed for silo and tank roofs?

Whether you have flat or domed roofs on your bulk material storage and processing tanks, it’s important to give them extra attention. Tank and silo roofs bear the brunt of sun exposure, rain, wind, and operational wear and tear, plus aging and foundation settling can create roof issues. You don’t want “out of sight, out of mind” on large tanks or those that tower high above the ground. Flat roofs are subject to ponding water, which can lead to leaks and water penetration that could damage stored materials. Regular inspection to catch and correct problems early is recommended. As for coatings, those with elastomeric properties are a good fit. They are many times thicker than paint and offer waterproofing and UV protection, as they bend without breaking as the tank or silo flexes.
Does your silo need a new roof coating?

Can coatings help insulate tanks and silos to maintain temperature requirements?

Some tanks and silos hold liquids or gases that cannot get too hot or too cold, and in those instances, tank lining coatings can be an excellent alternative to expensive spray foam insulation, plus they are low VOC and environmentally friendly. Another process we can utilize is standing seam insulation, what has an advantage over membrane insulating systems, which are prone to punctures. Tank linings also help to reduce energy costs related to the cooling or heating of chemicals, oil, gas, ammonia, food products, and other temperature-sensitive materials.
Tank insulation coatings

What should I look for when choosing a tank and silo painting contractor?

You should consider the following traits to evaluate and select a tank and silo maintenance provider for reliable, quality service:

  • First and foremost, demonstrated experience based on the material (concrete, steel, etc.) and construction style of your industrial tanks and silos.
  • Equally important is the contractor’s safety record, as tank and silo work can be hazardous, especially if the stored material is flammable or combustible. OSHA’s Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) and the insurance industry’s Experience Modification Rating (EMR) are metrics that quantify a company’s safety performance.
  • Along with experience working on the types of tanks and silos you have, look for relevant experience within your industry, as the compliance and operational requirements for each sector are different.
  • Warranties and guarantees are a good performance indicator, as qualified cleaning and painting contractors will use them to back up their work and the products they use.

Other helpful resources

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Silo / Tank / Bin painting and restoration.

Protect storage tanks, silos, and bins from the elements and safeguard normal operations with proper maintenance and coating services.

We’re dedicated to meeting your return-to-service deadlines, without sacrificing safety or performance.

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