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From single commercial buildings to multi-site projects, Painters USA delivers industrial cleaning, painting, coating, and concrete services that ensure safe and smooth operations.


As a certified Woman Business Enterprise, Painters USA is a Tier 1 and 2 business supplier supporting diversity goals.

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Professional / trade association involvement keeps Painters USA aware of client concerns and developments in key industries.


From offices in Chicago, Houston, and Dallas, Painters USA has the resources and capacity to provide regional and nationwide coverage, along with national account support for single vendor convenience and consistency.


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Painters USA gives back to our communities through financial contributions, donations of skilled labor and materials, or volunteering time. It’s one more way we live up to our mission of enhancing life, one brush stroke at a time.

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Ready to start or advance your career in a valued construction trade? Learn about the Painters USA family and the kinds of commercial / industrial projects you would work on by joining us.

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Fight grime with industrial degreasing services.

Keep equipment and facilities in prime working order and looking like new with degreasing services from Painters USA.

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Industrial degreasing is a specialized cleaning process that removes unwanted grease, tar, oils, hydraulic fluid, cutting fluids, corrosion inhibitors and other greasy buildup.

These contaminants can wreak all kinds of havoc:

The trained and skilled industrial degreasing and cleaning specialists at Painters USA have the equipment, processes, and cleaning product knowledge for any facility.

The path from lubrication to contamination

Oil and other industrial lubricants are often needed to keep machinery operating and production going. Yet too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing when greasy materials accumulate, becoming a magnet for dirt and contaminants. 

Even lubrication equipment itself can become contaminated, causing abrasion that degrades pump and metering systems as metal gets scored and seals wear away. And bigger problems can develop in structures and machinery exposed to the outdoors as greasy materials bake and blend together.

Where grease and grime buildup

All industrial machinery and equipment is subject to oil and grease contamination. And some industry sectors and production processes make the problem worse. If your production and operations deal involve a lot of chemicals, oils, and fats, degreasing should be part of routine maintenance.

Sectors that need regular industrial degreasing service

Aerospace and automotive

Large plants require large workforces to knock out projects quickly without disrupting the workflow process.

Food and beverage manufacturing

Making sure your food processing facility is audit ready is a top priority of Painters USA.

Commercial kitchens and food service

Commercial kitchens & dining areas need to be kept up to your customers standards.


As a highly regulated industry, agriculture requires the painting and coating skills and experience of Painters USA.


Mining is one of the heaviest industries out there when it comes to wear and tear on equipment.  Along with…


Tank, pipe, & pipe rack painting using our corrosion control products help refineries stay maintained.

General industrial settings

Durable coatings for large complex projects + a massive, knowledgeable workforce = peace of mind for you!

Degreasing equipment and devices

Heavy duty machinery like excavators, bulldozers, backhoes, pavers, trucks, cranes, graders, trenchers, forklifts, compactors, pile drivers, and skid steers are magnets for greasy dirt and contaminants. 

Painters USA can also degrease small parts and devices like printed circuit boards, barcode instruments, electrical switch boxes, and more.

Proper degreasing products and equipment

We can't overemphasize how important it is to use the best degreasing cleaners, equipment, and processes. 

Experienced industrial degreasing contractors like Painters USA will save time and money by choosing the right methods to dissipate and remove greasy buildup on any surface as effectively as possible.

From non-corrosive cleaning solutions that won’t damage sophisticated equipment to antibacterial solutions for laboratories and food processing facilities, we choose and use the right cleaning method for every job.

Industrial degreasing plans and services from Painters USA

Our industrial degreasing knowledge and experience will leave you at ease as we help you meet your business goals and operational imperatives.

  • OEM warranty and maintenance recommendations.
  • Equipment operator safety and overall workplace safety.
  • Fewer disruptions and smooth operations for optimal productivity.
  • Safety and other regulatory compliance.

Painters USA can also come in for more targeted, urgent degreasing needs like troubleshooting leaks and other issues, or make us part of your regularly scheduled preventive maintenance,

No industrial cleaning and degreasing project is too big or too difficult.

Safe combustible dust clean up.

Keeping your facility free of combustible dust helps to mitigate fire, health, & safety hazards.

Machinery and assembly line equipment cleaning.

Having clean machinery let’s you see where any fluid leaks are coming from possibly saving you costly downtime.

Degreasing in heavy industrial settings without damaging expensive equipment

We know each degreasing project is different so we assess the optimal cleaning agent & process to get your job done right.

Remediation for mold, microbial growth, and other contaminants.

Here is a somewhat frightening equation: nearly invisible + easily grown by just a couple of factors = health risk…

Our Industrial Cleaning Services Will Make Your Facility Shine

The majority of our featured projects are related to painting and flooring, showcasing all that Painters USA and Redimere Surface…

Special attention to high-traffic and high-use areas.

Slips, trips and falls are a leading cause of workplace accidents. Make sure your employees are safe with non-slip floor coatings.

We offer national account service for a single point of contact and consistent service across all locations, plus we are WBENC-certified as a woman-owned business.

Meet OSHA safety standards

At Painters USA, we take pride in staying abreast of OSHA and MSHA requirements and recommendations. This awareness and knowledge will help you pass safety inspections and also meet standards for ISO and other quality programs.

Degreasing as part of routine maintenance

A clean facility safeguards your workplace from accidents or illnesses, improves employee morale and productivity, and protects the value and efficiency of your capital investments.

Ignoring greasy contamination only makes the problem worse, so don’t defer too long. The best solution is to schedule  weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual cleaning programs for any surfaces that accumulate greasy grime.

Industrial degreasing is dirty work, best left to companies like Painters USA with specialized training and equipment, all the necessary insurance and credentials, and the commitment to safely complete the work. We can implement an industrial degreasing and cleaning plan that fits your operational schedule and maintenance budget.

The costs of downtime and delays

Capital expenditure (CapEx) investments must perform at optimal levels for optimal ROI. Whatever revenue you can earn in an hour’s worth of operating time is also the loss you incur with an hour of downtime—plus additional costs like labor and replacement parts.

Whether you want regular maintenance or need immediate degreasing services for a current problem, call Painters USA. We’re happy to answer your questions and provide a free estimate for any needs or budget.

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One of our team members will respond within 24 hours, or call us at 800-999-8715 between 8am and 5pm central time.

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