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Painting and flooring for industrial real estate.

Painters USA is a highly qualified painting and flooring contractor for industrial real estate property managers and owners.

Industrial real estate is a highly diverse category of buildings and structures involved in producing, refining, and storing goods and materials of all kinds.

Silos and tanks, conveyor systems, piping systems, manufacturing plants and warehouses—with over four decades of industrial experience, Painters USA has worked on them all. In that time, we also have witnessed many changes that have impacted industrial real estate, like global supply chains with just-in-time production and distribution demands and the rise in e-commerce.

This continuous industrial motion places high demands on operational schedules and facilities. It also places high expectations on industrial painting, coating, and flooring contractors—and Painters USA is up to the challenge.

Special savings on winter maintenance projects

Winter is near and Painters USA has experienced crews available PLUS special savings for new and current customers in greater Chicagoland and northern Illinois. Check your list and book your industrial cleaning, coating, or concrete flooring project now. We’ll meet your deadlines, and to meet ours, work must be scheduled and performed by March 31, 2023.

Experience across most industrial building types

Painters USA has painting, coating, and flooring experience across many different industrial structures, often referred to in the following categories.

Bulk warehouses: The largest industrial structures, typically 50,000–1,000,000 square feet and higher. These facilities require specialized equipment, processes, and products that are efficient and durable in order to get your business back in service as quickly as possible.

Flex buildings: Industrial buildings that can accommodate different uses, with at least some connected office space and ranging in size to fit single location “mom and pop” businesses to regional locations for larger companies. Because of the different uses and needs, Painters USA will assess your unique situation to recommend the best solutions.

Heavy manufacturing: Usually isolated within industrialized zones, these properties are most often owned by large regional or national companies. They are customized for specific requirements and difficult to relocate, so these facilities often operate under decades-long terms. They require a heightened awareness and implementation of safety practices, which Painters USA delivers, along with solutions for targeted functionality and durability.

R&D (Research and Development) sites: Typical sectors with R&D facilities include pharmaceutical, electronics, biotechnology, and chemical businesses. The bar is high for sanitation, purity, security, and protecting high-value products and sophisticated equipment. The experience, safety awareness, and quality work of Painters USA delivers the right solutions to R&D and peace of mind to facility managers.

Cold storage and refrigeration warehousing: These facilities are essentially large refrigerators and freezers used for perishable food and other products. This category is growing rapidly, due to the rise in consumer demand for fresh food and food delivery. These structures require knowledge of the latest painting and coating products and flooring systems that can withstand cold and mitigate food safety issues like mold and bacteria growth.

Some of our happy clients

Class A, B, and C experience

Painters USA has worked in the full spectrum of industrial real estate, from brand new, state-of-the-art facilities to neglected buildings getting a second life.

Class A

Newer structures with high quality standard finishes and the latest technologies, their easy access and visibility means they must look good. Painters USA can deliver painting, coating, and flooring solutions that are both durable and aesthetically pleasing, including business branding like logos and corporate colors, and we are experienced working on new construction.

Class B

Older buildings or new buildings without all the Class A bells and whistles. They deliver many years of high operational value when well-maintained, and in some cases can be upgraded. Painters USA will work with you to identify appropriate painting, coating, and flooring solutions for specific space needs. We also can suggest options for enhanced function and visual appeal.

Class C

Generally at least 20 years old, often in less desirable locations, and they may have deferred maintenance issues. But again, when well-maintained they can be highly productive for many years. Painters USA can recommend solutions that are practical and economical to keep the facility clean and bright and protect its operational value for as long as the business requires.

Industrial real estate services

Industrial flooring

Keeping your concrete floors in good shape helps your employees, equipment, & inventory stay safe.
Enhance operations, increase brightness, and protect your concrete flooring foundation with this durable, low maintenance option
For a highly decorative look, staining concrete provides a unique flooring option.
Reduce wear and tear from machines like forklifts, and protect your concrete floors from chemical spills, solvents and acids with coating technology.
Maintaining your floor joints is an important step in keeping bacteria & moisture from finding a way beneath your substrate.
Comprehensive Warehouse Floor Marking and Line-Striping Solutions. Enhance Safety and Efficiency in Your Facility With Minimal Downtime

Industrial painting

Durable coatings for large complex projects + a massive, knowledgeable workforce = peace of mind for you!
This specialized service provides a smooth factory-like finish on machinery, files cabinets, lockers, and other metal surfaces.
Revitalize your industrial machinery with our professional painting services—protect, enhance, and ensure safety and efficiency with expert care.
OSHA requires a specific color coding to indicate what each pipe contains for quick, universal identification.
Corrosion Control and Rust Removal for Your Industrial Equipment. Our NACE-certified team lowers your maintenance expenses and improves safety.

Industrial cleaning

A simple cleaning of your factory or warehouse ceiling can increase light reflectivity dramatically.
Ignoring the risks associated with combustible dust can lead to catastrophic outcomes. Our services mitigate these risks effectively.

Safety first and always

Industrial real estate requires very close attention to safety, as many of these facilities have inherent hazards. While some industrial flooring contractors pay lip service to safety, Painters USA gives it a high priority. Safety is always top of mind—our Regional Safety Manager makes sure of it.

Painters USA follows OSHA guidelines and recommendations for safety training:

OSHA training covers general worksite safety, common hazards, and other topics on preventing and avoiding workplace incidents. Slips and falls are common incidents, so we give them extra attention as we work at your facility. Plus we can help you prevent them from happening long after we’re gone, with non-skid flooring systems and coatings.

Other advantages delivered by Painters USA

Established in 1976, Painters USA has worked on a wide range of industrial real estate projects. We have experience across the spectrum of industrial building classes and types, and we are accustomed to finding solutions for environmental conditions like heat, cold, and moisture. Remember Painters USA for any new or existing industrial real estate needs for painting, coating, and flooring.

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