As featured in: Tank Storage Magazine: 5 Anti-corrosion Best Practices by Paul Cook
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Food ag conveyor and leg painting and coating.

The NACE certified coatings inspectors of Painters USA can identify properly prepared surfaces to maximize adhesion and durability.

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Just like your tanks and silos, the equipment that connects them is also subjected to the elements year round and can quickly start to rust.  Protecting large capital investments from rust and corrosion should be a major part of your overall maintenance goals, with reliance on food ag coating experts like Painters USA. We've been protecting industrial structures for over forty years by using the latest product technology that best suits each individual project.

Conveyors and legs are an integral part of any grain and feed operation and should not be neglected.  Barge loading conveyors are even more susceptible to rust and corrosion because they are located on rivers, channels, and coastal areas—all of which have much more moisture in the air.

Painters USA’s proven corrosion and rust control processes for conveyors and legs in wet, humid environments will give you a long-lasting solution to a recurring problem that could possibly prevent you from passing USDA and FDA inspections.  As you well know, you can’t have flaking and peeling paint chips contaminating your equipment and the food passing through it.

In order for the coating on a conveyor or leg to last, three factors must be in place.

  1. Thorough surface preparation, including rust removal, scraping, power washing and/or sand blasting.
  2. Choosing the right product for each job, so that the coating will endure exposure to harsh weather.
  3. Proper application, using the best techniques and practices to ensure maximum paint and coating performance.  

Our NACE certified coatings inspectors are trained to identify properly prepared substrates on all surfaces in order to maximize coating adhesion. Also, they have the tools to ensure coatings are applied at the correct thickness and will pass rigorous inspections.

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