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About us

From single commercial buildings to multi-site projects, Painters USA delivers industrial cleaning, painting, coating, and concrete services that ensure safe and smooth operations.


As a certified Woman Business Enterprise, Painters USA is a Tier 1 and 2 business supplier supporting diversity goals.

Memberships and associations

Professional / trade association involvement keeps Painters USA aware of client concerns and developments in key industries.


From offices in Chicago, Houston, and Dallas, Painters USA has the resources and capacity to provide regional and nationwide coverage, along with national account support for single vendor convenience and consistency.


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The latest on our company, people, events, and other announcements.


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Community outreach

Painters USA gives back to our communities through financial contributions, donations of skilled labor and materials, or volunteering time. It’s one more way we live up to our mission of enhancing life, one brush stroke at a time.

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Ready to start or advance your career in a valued construction trade? Learn about the Painters USA family and the kinds of commercial / industrial projects you would work on by joining us.

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View current job openings in the Chicago, Houston, and Dallas areas, and learn about our benefits and compensation, commitment to diversity, focus on safety, and advantages of working for Painters USA.

Industrial flooring for durability and appeal.

Combat the destructive forces on industrial floors and keep them looking great with help from Painters USA.

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Business expects a lot from industrial floors:

For all these reasons and any others, add Painters USA to your short list of contractors for industrial flooring services. We guarantee our floors will last, no matter what they come up against, and we provide nationwide coverage and capabilities for all your industrial flooring needs. Ask us about floor upkeep and refinishing as part of your routine maintenance.

What is Industrial Flooring?

Industrial flooring is flooring tough enough to withstand chemicals, machinery, and other characteristics associated with industrial businesses. It’s found in factories, warehouses, refineries, utility plants, and other structures involved in heavy-duty operations.

Different types of industrial flooring


Concrete is extremely durable and economical, which is why it’s the base for most industrial flooring systems. Combined with epoxy or polyurethane, it makes for a nearly indestructible floor along with functions like reducing contamination from mold or bacteria. Plus, concrete doesn’t have to be all boring, dull, and gray—options like staining and polishing add brightness and design options to the mix.


Epoxy flooring is also known as resinous or polymer flooring as it’s a two-part mixture of resin and hardener that generally goes over a concrete substrate, though it can be used with some other flooring materials. The chemicals react together, bond to the substrate, and form a hard plastic surface that is easy to clean, especially when paired with epoxy cove bases.

Urethane and Polyurethane

Although the terms urethane and polyurethane are often used interchangeably, the chemical makeup is different. Polyurethane is composed of multiple urethane units joined by a chemical reaction called polymerization.

Urethane flooring is seamless and durable, especially against chemical spills. It can be poured directly on top of concrete, and is thermal shock resistant. Polyurethane is a popular choice for industrial flooring because it’s scratch-resistant and waterproof, protecting the floor from moisture, bacteria, and temperature fluctuation. Polyurethane is used as a topcoat and can be combined with epoxy to create a floor that is virtually impenetrable.

Surface cleaning and preparation

No matter what flooring materials are chosen, thorough surface preparation and repairs are a requirement for creating a clean, smooth surface. This ensures a tight bond for strong coating adhesion, lasting durability, and warranty protection. During the entire process, the industrial flooring crews of Painters USA are diligent about details, from set-up until the work is completed to your satisfaction.

Functional coatings and markings

Did you know that the right industrial flooring contractor can help with regulatory compliance? Whether it’s OSHA workplace safety recommendations or USDA and FDA food safety regulations or third party audits within your supply chain, Painters USA can help you face inspections and audits with greater confidence. 

Ask us about specialty coatings to reduce slip and fall hazards or resist mold and bacterial growth. We can paint floor markings to guide foot and vehicular traffic, communicate potential safety hazards, and other functions. Regulatory compliance also helps maintain the value of your industrial properties. 

Painters USA will play our part in helping you make the grade, even under scrutiny by the most demanding inspectors and auditors.

Industrial flooring capabilities

Painters USA offers a comprehensive menu of industrial flooring services, most everything except installation of tile or carpet—though we can remove them as part of your job requirements.

Anti-slip flooring

Slips, trips and falls are a leading cause of workplace accidents. Make sure your employees are safe with non-slip floor coatings.

Concrete polishing

A great way to make any area look good. Plus there’s no coating on the floor that will ever fail.

Concrete repair and resurfacing

Keeping your concrete floors in good shape helps your employees, equipment, & inventory stay safe.

Concrete staining

For a highly decorative look, staining concrete provides a unique flooring option.

Decorative inlays

Impress your clients & visitors with a decorative floor inlay in your lobby or common areas.

Epoxy flooring

Functional, durable, and easy to maintain, epoxy floors are a go-to solution for many commercial & industrial clients.

Epoxy cove base

This seamless transition from floor to up the wall keeps moisture & bacteria from finding a spot to hide & multiply.

Electrostatic dissipating ESD flooring

Static dissipative flooring can be used in electronics & laboratory settings where sensitive equipment cannot be exposed to a static charge.

Expansion and control joint maintenance

Maintaining your floor joints is an important step in keeping bacteria & moisture from finding a way beneath your substrate.

Line striping and floor markings

Whether it is for safety or lean manufacturing reasons, our line striping services will enhance your factory floor & contribute to workflow.

Safety first and always

While some industrial flooring contractors pay lip service to safety, Painters USA gives it a high priority. Safety is always top of mind—our National Safety Director makes sure of it.

Painters USA follows OSHA guidelines and recommendations for safety training:

OSHA training covers general worksite safety, common hazards, and other topics on preventing and avoiding workplace incidents. Slips and falls are common incidents, so we give them extra attention as we work at your facility. Plus we can help you prevent them from happening long after we’re gone, with non-skid flooring systems and coatings. 

Other advantages delivered by Painters USA

Established in 1976, Painters USA has worked with thousands of customers in a wide range of industries. Our decades of experience, consistent growth, and high customer satisfaction scores speak for themselves.

Frequently asked questions about industrial flooring

How do industrial floors differ from commercial floors?

The primary difference is that industrial flooring is almost exclusively concerned with durability, functionality, and performance. Those traits also matter in commercial flooring, along with aesthetics and visual appeal, which leads to more flooring variety, like use of carpet and high-end materials like marble. 

What are the most common flooring types in industrial buildings? 

Concrete is far and away the most common industrial flooring material today because it is economical, very durable, and able to withstand constant pressure. Concrete floors may be suspended or on grade, and the surface can be polished, ground and sealed, or given an industrial coating like epoxy.

We do find some wood flooring installations that are still in service, as they are considered more comfortable, quieter, and warmer than concrete. We also see some steel flooring, especially galvanized steel grating used most often for slip-resistant stairs, work platforms, and walkways.

What are the most important considerations for evaluating industrial flooring options?

What matters a great deal is proper installation, surface prep, and finishing with the right coatings and treatments to reduce maintenance requirements and resist damage caused by traffic, corrosion, moisture, and other forces specific to the industrial setting.

Remember Painters USA for industrial flooring services

With Painters USA, you get unparalleled experience and knowledge of industrial flooring materials and functionality. We look at all environmental conditions like heat, cold, moisture, and production demands to recommend the best flooring paint and coating systems. 

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