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About us

From single commercial buildings to multi-site projects, Painters USA delivers industrial cleaning, painting, coating, and concrete services that ensure safe and smooth operations.


As a certified Woman Business Enterprise, Painters USA is a Tier 1 and 2 business supplier supporting diversity goals.

Memberships and associations

Professional / trade association involvement keeps Painters USA aware of client concerns and developments in key industries.


From offices in Chicago, Houston, and Dallas, Painters USA has the resources and capacity to provide regional and nationwide coverage, along with national account support for single vendor convenience and consistency.


Read what some of our clients have said about working with Painters USA.

In the news

The latest on our company, people, events, and other announcements.


Learn more about commercial / industrial cleaning, painting, coating, and flooring from the Painters USA team, new posts added regularly!

Community outreach

Painters USA gives back to our communities through financial contributions, donations of skilled labor and materials, or volunteering time. It’s one more way we live up to our mission of enhancing life, one brush stroke at a time.

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Employment overview

Ready to start or advance your career in a valued construction trade? Learn about the Painters USA family and the kinds of commercial / industrial projects you would work on by joining us.

Job openings

View current job openings in the Chicago, Houston, and Dallas areas, and learn about our benefits and compensation, commitment to diversity, focus on safety, and advantages of working for Painters USA.

Commercial real estate painting and flooring.

Commercial property owners and managers can rely on Painters USA to help them protect the value of their real estate assets.

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A lot is demanded of commercial real estate—serve business needs, provide a safe and pleasant setting for employees and customers, enhance branding, rise in value, and more. It means these facilities deserve regular care and attention, including the latest painting and coating solutions for ceilings, walls, flooring, and equipment.

Painters USA is experienced in many commercial property types, including Class A, Class B, and Class C buildings. We will do our part to contribute to LEED goals and requirements. With over four decades of experience and plans for continued growth, we are up to the challenge of doing all we can to maximize the value and protect the investments of commercial real estate owners and investors.

Shared values with commercial property managers and owners

Painters USA is committed to the supplier values that are preferred by large property managers, owners, and investors in commercial real estate. 

Commercial real estate uses

Following are some commercial real estate property types that Painters USA works on.


Industrial facilities, like manufacturing plants, tend to have controlled use, mostly or exclusively by authorized personnel. Many must withstand greater wear and tear due to production processes and use of heavy machinery. We have a separate page dedicated to our capabilities and services to keep industrial properties in optimal condition.

Painters USA industrial real estate services and capabilities


Hotels, motels, and resorts have no downtime, unless they choose or are compelled to close, which means we must perform our work with an added focus on safety and minimal disruption. We have the equipment and skills to easily handle high ceilings in ballrooms and convention space. Our product knowledge will ensure that specific needs in different spaces are met, like heat resistance and antimicrobial coatings in kitchens, line striping and concrete maintenance in parking structures, or mold remediation and non-slip coatings in spa areas. 

Painters USA services for the lodging and hospitality industry

Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) Housing

Residential properties such as condominiums, apartment buildings and townhomes include both individual dwellings and shared common areas like parking structures and swimming pools. Painters USA has experience and capabilities for both new construction or existing property maintenance or renovation. 

Commercial painting, coating, and flooring for apartments and condo associations


From corporate headquarters to offices in warehouses and distribution centers to professional offices for legal firms, medical and dental practices—and your business offices too!—Painters USA adds both functional and aesthetic value. Our interior and exterior painting services will help you maintain the value of property you own, comply lease requirements, and create a more pleasant, productive workplace. Ask us about low VOC / no VOC coatings to create a healthier environment.

Painters USA experience and services for commercial office space

Restaurants and food service

Restaurant painting, coating, and flooring services require the awareness and understanding of food safety regulations. Our experience includes specialized painting and coating services for handling cold, heat, and humidity, and keeping facilities safe from mold and bacteria contamination.

Painters USA experience and knowledge in food service safety and hygiene

Retail stores and shopping centers

Enclosed shopping malls, strip malls, national big-box stores, pad sites—whatever retail properties you own or manage, Painters USA can perform painting and flooring services to meet operational needs, lease obligations, financial goals, branding support and any other objectives.

Commercial painting and flooring to keep retail space safe, bright, and inviting

Popular commercial real estate services

Anti-microbial floor coatings

Critical in healthcare and food and beverage industries, anti-microbial floor coatings protect facilities from contamination.

Commercial painting

From offices to warehouses, ceilings to floors & everything in between, our painting pros can transform any commercial space.

Concrete polishing

A great way to make any area look good. Plus there’s no coating on the floor that will ever fail.

Concrete staining

For a highly decorative look, staining concrete provides a unique flooring option.

Epoxy flooring

Functional, durable, and easy to maintain, epoxy floors are a go-to solution for many commercial & industrial clients.

Epoxy cove base

This seamless transition from floor to up the wall keeps moisture & bacteria from finding a spot to hide & multiply.

Electrostatic dissipating ESD flooring

Static dissipative flooring can be used in electronics & laboratory settings where sensitive equipment cannot be exposed to a static charge.

Line striping and floor markings

Whether it is for safety or lean manufacturing reasons, our line striping services will enhance your factory floor & contribute to workflow.

Logo painting

Company logos & slogans on interior walls or exterior silos & tanks are a great way to enhance your message and brand.

Thermal shock resistant flooring (Urethane cement)

For frequent high temperature, high velocity washdowns, these coating provide the best protection against failure.

Other advantages delivered by Painters USA

Safety first and always

All workplaces are governed by OSHA safety regulations, and some commercial properties must comply with USDA and FDA regulations for food and drug safety. In addition, commercial properties that directly serve their customers and the general public must also keep the safety and welfare of those people in mind—the financial, legal, and reputational risks are too high.

Painters USA does more than pay lip service to safety; for us, safety is always top of mind—our National Safety Director makes sure of it. We follow OSHA guidelines and recommendations for safety training. Crew supervisors have completed OSHA 30 training, which is 30 hours of workplace safety instruction by authorized trainers, and crew members are either hired with an OSHA 10 card or receive the 10 hours of workplace safety instruction from us. 

Established in 1976, Painters USA has worked for a wide range of commercial real estate clients, general contractors, and property management firms. We have extensive commercial contracting experience, and we are ready to put our painting, coating, and flooring skills to work for your business.

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