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Refresh your building’s exterior and ensure its durability
Improve your interior with durable, low-VOC finishes tailored to your needs
Comprehensive warehouse floor markings and line-striping solutions tailored to your needs
Ready for all heights and types, with certified aerial lift operators
Restore, refresh, and increase the visual appeal of the exterior of your facilities
From pipe labeling to hazard marking, ensure safety and compliance
Coating solutions engineered for enduring performance, aesthetics, and regulatory compliance
Safeguard your installations against the elements with durable coatings
Protect and revitalize your machinery
Safety-focused, compliant painting for difficult-to-access areas
Ready for all heights and types, with certified aerial lift operators
Comprehensive warehouse floor markings and line-striping solutions tailored to your needs
Durable coatings for forklift traffic, slip resistance, chemical resistance, and more
Reliable sealing and caulking for commercial and industrial environments
Transform floors into sleek, resilient surfaces with our concrete polishing.
Durable repair, patching, and resurfacing for industrial and commercial spaces.
Ensure safety and compliance with secure footing for workers and customers
Certified ESD flooring for durability, safety, and compliance
Comprehensive warehouse floor markings and line-striping solutions tailored to your needs
Durability and thermal shock resistance for industrial environments.
Industrial Cleaning

Comprehensive industrial cleaning services. We’re committed to delivering thorough and efficient cleaning solutions that enhance safety, maintain equipment longevity, and ensure compliance with industry standards.

Ready for all heights and types, with certified aerial lift operators
From advanced robotics to heavy-duty machines, ensure optimal performance and longevity
Mitigate risk and prevent catastrophic outcomes with professional dust cleaning
Versatile cleaning and surface preparation for industrial needs.
Designed for delicate finishes to heavy-duty industrial cleaning
Eradicate dirt, grime, mold, and other contaminants from your facilities
An innovative, environmentally friendly, and efficient alternative to traditional blasting
Efficiently clean with no water, chemicals, or secondary waste
Commercial Painting

Painting Hotels & Resorts

As commercial painters in the Midwest, we've see our fair share of hotels and resort projects. We welcome the work, as each presents a different set of challenges, testing the limits of our technical expertise and craftsmanship. Here are a few things to keep in mind when contracting for interior and exterior work at hotels and resorts. 

Attractive Exteriors

A hotel or resort is all about presentation. It begins with the exterior. No prospective guest is going to stay at your hotel or resort if it appears worn down or otherwise lackluster. Whether the structure resembles a log-cabin, an alpine retreat, or features a more standard architectural appearance, it will need an attractive paint or stain. And if the structure is made of brick, then window coatings and columns, etc., will need to be accented to enhance the exterior's look. 

Remember that the Midwest's winter freeze/thaw cycle can cause damage to the exterior. Repairs and refinishing may very well be necessary, especially if you want to get those guests in the door. Also keep in mind that exterior surfaces like metal railings, lampposts, signs, ramps, etc., might also need coatings. Easty to overlook, but essential to a complete hotel and resort appearance. 


After the exterior draws guests in, the interior should keep them there. Whether hotel and resort owners want elegance, understatement, a wilderness vibe, or anything in between, the best thing you can do is to keep all spaces looking their best. Some areas will need paint, others will need stain. Still others might need some wallpaper, which can and often does look great in hotels and resorts. Interiors take a lot of beating, so touch-ups will be necessary over weeks, months and years. 

And if you're thinking of a wholescale redesign of the interior space, please consult with an interior designer and painting contractor first. You'll be happy you did. 

If you have any questions on painting your hotel or resort, please get in contact with Painters USA. We're happy to help. 

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