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Wondering why this self-audit flooring kit landed on your desk?

It shows options for enhancing the safety, performance, and aesthetics of facility floors, and we think it’s worth your time.

Take a minute (while enjoying the candy) to consider the importance of facility flooring to your business:

  • Workplace safety, because slips, trips, and falls are time-consuming hassles at best and the cause of dangerous, costly incidents at worst.
  • Durability and performance, because industrial / commercial floors take nonstop abuse and flooring maintenance is highly disruptive to operations.
  • Enhanced aesthetics, because floors in poor visual condition send the wrong message to inspectors, VIPs, and employees.

A treat for you and treatment for your floors

About the self-audit flooring kit

Question Answer
What's in the box? A rigid bar you can fit in your hand to see and feel six levels (low to high) of textured coating options. We've added some candy and a safety-cone business card holder as a little treat and thanks for your time.
What is its purpose? To give you an idea of performance coating options from Sherwin-Williams, the largest coating manufacturer in the world. The texture bar may be the easiest decision-support tool you'll ever use to assess options for improving floor safety and performance. And it's easily shared with safety managers and other decision makers.
What do I do with it?
  1. Use the charger on your desk and take the bar into your facility as you enjoy the candy. 😊
  2. Consider which grit might be the best option for your safety and performance needs.
  3. Schedule a no-obligation review with a Painters USA floor coating expert to help you prepare for your next audit or inspection. (They'll even bring more candy for your team.)

Neil Roach (COO, Painters USA) and Trent Borth (Capital Reliability & Seeds Asset Integrity Leader, Corteva Agriscience) partnered up to propose a new approach—a predictive, risk-valuation model. This model actually saves money and time over the long-run, while protecting the value of important assets. Read the article here.

Satisfied Clients

Reducing three of the ten most common causes of workplace injuries

Slips, trips and falls are a safety hazard and a common cause of workplace injuries, to the tune of over $19 billion per year:

  1. Falls on the same level ($10.58 billion)
  2. Falls to lower level ($6.26 billion)
  3. Slip or trip without fall ($2.52 billion)

(Source: Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index 2021)

How textured floor coatings reduce falling hazards

Textured floor coatings minimize slipping and tripping hazards by increasing the dynamic coefficient of friction or DCOF, which is the measurement of a surface’s slip resistance during motion. It's a proven way to minimize slipping and tripping incidents.

In a two-year study of hard surface floors in commercial workplaces, insurance leader CNA found that half of the surveyed sites failed to meet the minimum DCOF threshold set by ANSI—the American National Standards Institute.

How textured floor coatings enhance performance and appearance

Be in the know

We are already a Corteva vendor approved contractor working at multiple locations. We understand your best flooring options–schedule a consultation with our textured floor coating expert.

This contact form will give us the information we need to best serve you. If you prefer, you may call or email us.

Painters USA textured floor coating expertise

Painters USA has been enhancing the safety, structural integrity, and performance of industrial and commercial concrete floors for decades. Our NACE-certified (now AMPP) experts are familiar with the latest floor coating technologies and we are an authorized installer of floor coatings from leading manufacturers like Sherwin-Williams.

We will help you assess and select the best coating systems for your operating environment based on traffic volume and normal use patterns, cleaning processes, temperature fluctuations, moisture, chemicals, compliance needs, and more.

Other benefits of working with Painters USA

Additional flooring services from Painters USA

Final thought: $1 billion per week

That’s how much the Top 10 causes of workplace injuries cost U.S. businesses every week in medical and lost-work expenses based on employees missing work for more than five days. (Source: Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index 2021)

That alone should be enough for you to consider a textured floor coating system in your facility. Add in the benefits of performance and aesthetics, and you have a trifecta of commercial / industrial flooring excellence.

Ready to explore the benefits of textured floor coatings?

To get started, scroll back up and submit the above form. If you prefer, call 844-441-7334 or email.

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