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Machinery cleaning for commercial - industrial equipment.

From robots to heavy-duty industrial machines, Painters USA will keep them in working order and protect their value.

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There comes a time in most commercial and industrial settings when dirt, grease, and other contaminants become too much for machines to function safely and properly. 

But you won’t have to worry with professional machinery cleaning services from Painters USA. Using the best products and processes for any job, our skilled crews get into those hard-to-reach places to eliminate oil, grease, dirt, and debris that accumulates over time. 

Machinery cleaning for commercial / industrial equipment

Painters USA has experience across the commercial and industrial machinery spectrum, from sophisticated electronics to heavy-duty mechanical equipment.

Machinery cleaning methods

Depending on the size and sensitivity of the equipment, how it’s used, and where it’s located, we can employ a number of different cleaning methods, including:

  • Hot and cold power washing
  • Precise hand tool and power tool cleaning
  • Disinfecting and sanitizing
  • Abrasive blasting

Painters USA can do one-time cleaning for special projects or urgent needs, and we can integrate into your preventative maintenance plan. Whether it is weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly, regular cleaning cycles are a great way to keep your machinery in top order. We will come in and transform your machinery, making it shiny and new again.

How regular cleaning protects your production assets

Keeping machinery clean enables you to notice small issues and fix them before they turn into big problems. That’s one of the reasons why most equipment manufacturers recommend specific cleaning and maintenance procedures. They want to ensure their products will perform as designed and to identify the possible cause of any malfunctions.

Professional machinery cleaning is the best way to reduce breakdowns and work stoppages, lengthen the life of your equipment, and protect your employees. It’s like brushing twice a day while going to the dentist twice a year for professional cleaning. The combination is best for maintaining good health and avoiding more expensive and painful procedures in the future.

That said, we understand that sometimes cleaning and maintenance gets deferred, due to budget constraints or other factors. But don’t wait too long, as that inevitably leads to more costly and complex issues and repairs.

Impact of deferred cleaning and maintenance

Financial risks

Poor maintenance can void warranties, lead to more costly repairs, and reduce the lifespan and lifetime value of costly equipment

Production risks

When production falls behind, the ripple effect spreads quickly, affecting your ability to fulfill orders and satisfy customers.

Safety risks

Poor maintenance can contribute to workplace incidents by causing equipment to malfunction during routine operations.

Painters USA for all your machinery cleaning needs

Painters USA has experience in most every commercial and industrial setting. Our centrally located offices in Illinois and Texas plus our large crews give us the flexibility and resources to complete projects that many other contractors cannot handle. 

We work around your schedules, including turnaround and shutdown periods, to minimize disruption. If we have to work during regular operations, you will hardly know we’re there.

Painters USA takes pride in a job well-done, and we stand behind our work. Our decades of experience, growth, and customer satisfaction speak for themselves.

Painters USA will keep your machinery running safely, with fewer disruptions, for years to come. 

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