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Vapor blasting for cleaner cleaning and surface prep.

Vapor-assisted blasting services from Painters USA will get your commercial / industrial job done quickly and neatly.

Vapor assisted blasting, or mist blasting, uses specialized equipment that combines water with fine abrasive material and then sprays the water and compressed air in a more gentle, controlled manner. The water flushes out the abrasive and washes away any residual sediment, resulting in a clean, fine finish.

Vapor blasting started in restoration projects as it was less damaging to sensitive surfaces and substrates than traditional, dry sandblasting. It is now used for a wide variety of industrial cleaning and surface preparation purposes.

For sensitive areas or heavy-duty industrial cleaning

While vapor assisted blasting is commonly used for sensitive surfaces and areas, Painters USA can use this method in a variety of industrial settings and structures:

When Painters USA performs vapor assisted blasting, we follow industry standards and government regulations. We use appropriate blasting materials and dust collectors. Our crews wear PPE (breathing protection and protective clothing) to ensure their safety and efficiency.

Minimal downtime, fast return to service

As much as we’d love to hang out with you, rest assured we’ll be out of your facilities asap. Our uptime is your downtime / slow time for scheduling that meets your needs. And detailed work plans, proven processes, large skilled crews, and diligent project management ensures on-time completion every time.

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Lower overall costs and faster return to service

Other benefits of vapor assisted blasting

Suspended scaffold skills and experience

Two-point adjustable suspension scaffolds hung by ropes or cables, also known as swing-stage scaffolds, are an effective way to perform cleaning and coating work on many types of commercial / industrial structures. Painters USA offers OSHA suspended scaffold training so when the time comes, our crews are equipped and comfortable doing their job. It’s another commitment to our safety culture and clients’ peace of mind.

Our dedication to safety

Vapor blasting for equipment and machinery

Vapor blasting can effectively clean grease, rust, old coatings, and other contaminants from equipment and parts. It’s a relatively quick stripping and cleaning method leaves a satin-like finish on aluminum, chrome, or steel surfaces.

Vapor blasting to reduce fire and combustion hazards

Traditional sandblasting slams the abrasive into the surface and breaks it into dust, producing a static electric charge with the potential to create dry sparks. This creates a fire or explosion hazard, especially in areas with flammable materials. While sparks are possible with vapor assisted blasting, it's less likely and they are cold sparks, which have less of a flammability risk.

Vapor blasting for sensitive surfaces

Vapor blasting is the best and sometimes the only option for historical restoration, cleaning fire damage, removing graffiti—situations where traditional sandblasting may be too destructive. Traditional dry blasting also causes frictional heat, which can cause warping and other unwanted effects on soft metals and other sensitive substrates. Vapor blasting helps cool frictional heat, making it a better choice for stainless steel or aluminum.

Additional abrasive blasting services

Painters USA has over 40 years of experience in abrasive blasting, from sandblasting to dry ice blasting to vapor blasting. In some cases, our blasting services could be a two-stage process, starting with dry sandblasting and finishing with vapor-assisted blasting using blast media like glass beads.

Our NACE certified coatings inspectors utilize sandblasting to achieve the proper profile on the substrate, maximizing coating adhesion.
Cleaning sensitive equipment requires a delicate solution – dry ice blasting is just that.
This service can be used for just cleaning your surfaces or as the first step in our painting process.
We know each degreasing project is different so we assess the optimal cleaning agent & process to get your job done right.

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