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Epoxy Flooring

All about epoxy floor coatings

Epoxy: What is it?

Epoxy is a very popular floor coating solution, delivering both aesthetic appeal and long-lasting performance. Epoxy coating, also known as resinous or polymer floor coating, may be placed over many different surfaces, may include various aesthetic and decorative features. Additives can also be incorporated into the epoxy for functional properties like anti-slipping and anti-microbial protection.

Epoxy floor coatings are made up of two main compounds: resin and hardener. Resin is what holds it all together, and the hardener is what gives the floor its strength. By bonding together, they create a hard, smooth surface.

The numerous benefits and applications of epoxy flooring are part of what makes it so popular.

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Benefits of epoxy flooring

Epoxy flooring is a suitable option for many different businesses and industries. Because of its strength, epoxy floor coatings are perfect in places like warehouses, manufacturing plants, airports, hospitals, commercial kitchens, and schools.

Seamless, easy to clean surface

With epoxy floors, you don’t have the typical floor maintenance issues. Since epoxy is poured, the floor is seamless. Without cracks, cleaning is a breeze. There is also an option to pour an epoxy cove base, which creates a slope in the usual 90-degree angle between the floor and walls. This eliminates wall-to-floor cracks and corners that are hard to clean and attract dirt and germs, making it perfect for industries with high sanitation regulations, such as healthcare and food and beverage production facilities.

Beautiful and versatile

Epoxy makes it easy to turn plain or old flooring into something attractive. It’s easy to customize and add a pop of color to your business. There are many colors and textures available to match the aesthetics of your building. 


Epoxy flooring can be an environmentally-friendly option. Epoxy is available in 100% solvent-free and water-based versions. When installing solvent-free epoxy flooring, it doesn’t off-gas as much or for as long for faster (and more pleasant) return to service. When installed properly, the coating doesn’t flake off to pollute the environment.

Quick turnaround

If you need a job done quickly, and also done right, certain epoxies can dry faster than others. Typically, epoxy floors need 24-72 hours to cure. However, there are some epoxy coatings that can cure more quickly. A quick turnaround and fast return to service is why many businesses choose epoxy coatings.

Anti-Microbial Floor Coatings

Self-dispersing (non-slip)

Another name for self-dispersing floors is non-slip. Epoxy can be mixed with different aggregates to provide ample traction. Non-slip floors have a gritty texture so that even when wet, the chance of a fall is greatly decreased. Self-dispersing epoxy floors are great for areas that have high foot traffic or heavy machinery, as they provide better traction. These non-slip floors are perfect for the food and beverage industry, where spills are likely to occur. The floor coating can prevent slips and falls and make cleaning up a breeze.


Out of all the types of epoxy flooring, mortar is the strongest. Epoxy mortars can be used to resurface heavily damaged floors and can be troweled up to six-inches thick. The epoxy mortar solution is poured over the existing floor and it enters the cracks and fills them, achieving a level surface. Epoxy mortar can also work to create slopes to drains in the floor which makes cleaning even easier.


To add an aesthetic appeal to the floor, color quartz or flake may be added to the epoxy to give a granite-like finish. You can choose from many different color schemes and textures. Decorative epoxy flooring uses colorful chips and colored sand to create a beautiful, functional floor. The flake chips or sand can be multi-colored for appeal and also camouflage any imperfections in the original flooring. Decorative epoxy is a great option if you want a floor that is colorful and unique. You can even have your custom business logo set in the floor!


Another way to add pop to the floor is the addition of metallic powder. . Metallic powder can be added to the epoxy then swirled and rolled in different directions to give every floor its own unique look.


Self-leveling epoxy floors are a great way to smooth out your lightly cracked, spalled or pitted areas bringing a beat-up floor back to life. This flooring is perfect for manufacturing environments.

Electrostatic dissipating (ESD)

In certain facilities, it’s crucial to have a way to deal with the electric charge build-up and release that can happen in certain types of floors. ESD flooring is specially formulated to prevent the electric charge that could be both dangerous and damaging in facilities such as labs, hospitals, or electronic manufacturing.

The many types of epoxy floor coatings makes them extremely versatile, with both practical and aesthetic options. In addition, all epoxy flooring types do a fantastic job of hiding blemishes, and because epoxy is poured on a pre-existing floor, it builds thickness and adds strength that lasts many years.

More details on different epoxy floor types.

More about the benefits (and challenges) of epoxy floors.

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