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Is your concrete flooring dim, dull, and blemished with stains and other imperfections? Perhaps you're thinking it doesn't really matter, those are only aesthetic considerations, you don't have the time and you can't justify the cost of improvements.

Before sending concrete polishing to the "nice to have" (and therefore unnecessary) column, consider the aesthetic AND functional advantages of polished concrete.

With those benefits, you can justify concrete polishing, plus it may not take as much time as you think, especially when working with an experienced contractor like Painters USA.

Concrete floor polishing process

Concrete polishing is a process that involves prepping, grinding, and polishing to make the concrete dense and hard while creating a reflective finish that gives floors an intense shine. Concrete floor polishing is an unfortunate name for this comprehensive service, as it involves much more than obtaining a shiny surface, which could be done with a high gloss clear sealer that may look nice, but will neither last nor withstand the traffic and operational demands of industrial or commercial buildings. Shortcuts may save time and cut costs, but those benefits are always short-lived.

It's important to know that a proper concrete polishing job requires several distinct stages, simplified below into the main components of the process.

Repairing and Prepping: Fixing damaged areas of concrete, filling spalls and sealing cracks and with epoxy or other semi-rigid filler.

Grinding: Using an abrasive method such as industrial diamond grinding or shot blasting to remove stains and blemishes.

Hardening: Application of a chemical hardener to increase the concrete’s density, protect against water and staining, and provide a better polish.

Polishing: Surface is polished with diamond polishing equipment for varying degrees of shine. The two main polishing methods are:

Power Trowel Polishing system

Painters USA uses power trowel polishing system. With this technology, Painters USA can meet almost all needs of industrial or commercial floors. We can remove most pre-existing coatings or markings like curing agents, bond breakers, or tire marks to rejuvenate tired and worn concrete. Most importantly, we can get the work done with less disruption to normal operations.

With the same number of workers using one less machine, we are able to complete the work in less time—one quarter the time of traditional grinding!

Concria fast grinding polishing system

Benefits of polished concrete floors

Easy maintenance

Polished concrete resists chemicals, oils and other contaminants and also eliminates efflorescence caused when tiny dust particles get pushed up to the concrete's surface through hydrostatic pressure. Easy upkeep means lower maintenance expenses and less down time.


Polished concrete is bright and reflective, contributing to a more pleasant atmosphere. Polished concrete can also be etched or stained for an infinite variety of visual effects. In commercial settings, polished concrete is an economical way to attain a brilliant, mirror-like finish.


Regular concrete floors chip and wear over time in industrial and commercial settings. When professionally installed and maintained, polished concrete floors can last 20 years or more.


While it seems like they would be dangerously slick, polished concrete floors often exceed OSHA floor standards as the process increases friction. For extra safety, anti-slip conditioners can be incorporated into the process.


Useful in both indoor and outdoor applications, consider polished concrete for everything from lobbies and corridors to production floors and warehouses to outdoor space like terraces and patios.


For LEED for Operations and Maintenance (O+M) purposes, polishing allows you to maintain existing concrete floors and reduce energy and natural resource consumption. In addition, polished concrete typically contains no volatile organic compounds.

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Painters USA brings extensive concrete polishing experience gained over years of experience and projects completed across a wide range of industries and in many different types of facilities. We use the latest equipment and techniques for greater time- and cost-saving efficiency. Our crews are diligent, well-trained, and always safety-conscious.

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