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About us

From single commercial buildings to multi-site projects, Painters USA delivers industrial cleaning, painting, coating, and concrete services that ensure safe and smooth operations.


As a certified Woman Business Enterprise, Painters USA is a Tier 1 and 2 business supplier supporting diversity goals.

Memberships and associations

Professional / trade association involvement keeps Painters USA aware of client concerns and developments in key industries.


From offices in Chicago, Houston, and Dallas, Painters USA has the resources and capacity to provide regional and nationwide coverage, along with national account support for single vendor convenience and consistency.


Read what some of our clients have said about working with Painters USA.

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The latest on our company, people, events, and other announcements.


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Community outreach

Painters USA gives back to our communities through financial contributions, donations of skilled labor and materials, or volunteering time. It’s one more way we live up to our mission of enhancing life, one brush stroke at a time.

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Employment overview

Ready to start or advance your career in a valued construction trade? Learn about the Painters USA family and the kinds of commercial / industrial projects you would work on by joining us.

Job openings

View current job openings in the Chicago, Houston, and Dallas areas, and learn about our benefits and compensation, commitment to diversity, focus on safety, and advantages of working for Painters USA.

Industrial painting skills and experience.

Painters USA tackles the most intricate, difficult industrial painting and coating jobs, like tanks and silos, catwalks, confined spaces, and more.

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Pretty much anyone can paint a wall, but Painters USA prides itself on tackling the most intricate, difficult industrial painting and coating jobs. Manufacturing plants and other industrial facilities must handle heavy use, and in some cases the added burden of weather and climate. In addition to protecting capital investments and complying with safety regulations, neglect and deferred maintenance can be costly, leading to citations, unexpected shutdowns and production downtime, costly repairs and fixes, even lawsuits or medical claims. 

Industrial surfaces prepped and painted to perfection

Painters USA is an interior and exterior industrial painter who will work with you to create customized painting and coating solutions. From 30-foot high ceilings to weathered concrete silos to old machinery coated in grime, we will get the job done to meet or exceed your expectations.

As an industrial painting contractor, Painters USA has extensive experience painting all kinds of fabrication and production facilities, indoors and outdoors.

Contractor services for interior industrial painting

With vast experience in painting manufacturing facilities, we help plant managers hit and sustain their maintenance goals. This is just one of the many factors that set us apart from other industrial and commercial painting contractors.

Manufacturing facilities have high ceilings that include beams, pipes, and other fixtures. They have expansive walls and floors that can be as busy as big city streets. Many operate with little or no downtime, and all of them contain valuable assets and resources like equipment, raw materials, products, and skilled workers.

Painters USA is aware of all these traits. Our experienced crews are ready and able to tackle the interior surfaces of any industrial facility:

Cleaning and surface preparation

Grease, oil, and dust can prohibit your manufacturing facility from operating at peak levels. Our crews know how to make you shine.

Ceiling painting

Painting your ceiling in a manufacturing area makes the workspace brighter & safer for your employees.

Wall painting

A fresh coat of paint in any area of your commercial or industrial property does a lot for employee morale – especially in the winter.

Concrete floor painting and polishing

A great way to make any area look good. Plus there’s no coating on the floor that will ever fail.

Epoxy floor systems

Functional, durable, and easy to maintain, epoxy floors are a go-to solution for many commercial & industrial clients.

Line striping and bin marking

Whether it is for safety or lean manufacturing reasons, our line striping services will enhance your factory floor & contribute to workflow.

Electrostatic painting of machinery and racking

This specialized service provides a smooth factory-like finish on machinery, files cabinets, lockers, and other metal surfaces.

Logo and corporate color painting

Company logos & slogans on interior walls or exterior silos & tanks are a great way to enhance your message and brand.

Contractor services for exterior industrial painting

With the unpredictable climate and continuous change of seasons, it is important to protect your exterior industrial facilities from the elements. We assure that every outside surface receives the proper preparation and coating application for long-lasting endurance:

  • Specific preparation, like abrasive blasting, to even out rough spots, remove surface contaminants, enable paint bonding, and even reshape some surfaces.
  • Appropriate primer on bare substrate or rusted surfaces. 
  • Suitable coatings specified for your particular needs. 

Some painting contractors may take less care when working outdoors, but not Painters USA. For every exterior industrial project, we protect adjacent surfaces, fixtures, machinery, and landscaping.

Heavy duty industrial applications

Heavy-duty industrial painting requires heavy-duty care and attention. That’s why we seek full knowledge of all your requirements. Only then can we work with you to choose the right materials and solutions. When the work gets going, it’s done by well-trained technicians who perform every step with product knowledge and proper techniques. 

Heavy duty work involves many services, key among them:

  • Urethane cement resurfacing for withstanding heavy use and equipment.
  • Tank linings, repair, maintenance and corrosion protection to keep tank contents safe.
  • Rust encapsulation to keep metal parts and surfaces from deteriorating.
  • Containment system coatings to keep them in good condition and prevent injuries or expensive damages.

Because heavy duty industrial facilities are risky, with many potential safety and environmental hazards, they are closely monitored by local, state, and federal agencies—US Department of Agriculture, OSHA, and Environmental Protection Agency to name a few.

Protect your heavy equipment and facility capital investments with long-lasting coatings, applied safely and effectively by Painters USA.

Industrial painting services

Specific industry experience


It takes certain credentials & insurance to work around railroads and Painters USA have them all.


Tank, pipe, & pipe rack painting using our corrosion control products help refineries stay maintained.

Power and energy plants

Our rust control products are long lasting and are perfect for cooling units, towers, and other structural steel.

Ethanol plants

Tank painting & mold removal on tanks are just a couple of the things we offer to the ethanol industry.

Oil and gas terminals

We know each degreasing project is different so we assess the optimal cleaning agent & process to get your job done right.


Mining is one of the heaviest industries out there when it comes to wear and tear on equipment.  Along with…

Industrial general contractors

Here at Painters USA, we’re proud of the things that make us different. In fact, we think they’re some of…

Blasting and heavy duty cleaning services

Abrasive blasting and sandblasting

Our NACE certified coatings inspectors utilize sandblasting to achieve the proper profile on the substrate, maximizing coating adhesion.

Dry ice blasting

Cleaning sensitive equipment requires a delicate solution – dry ice blasting is just that.

Vapor assisted sandblasting

By using only 10% of the abrasive media in traditional sand blasting, this blasting method has become one of our top services preferred by clients.

Sponge blasting

Sometimes abrasive blasting is required on more sensitive equipment & structures – that’s where sponge blasting comes in.

Industrial cleaning

Grease, oil, and dust can prohibit your manufacturing facility from operating at peak levels. Our crews know how to make you shine.

Unique and specialized industrial painting services

Electrostatic painting

This specialized service provides a smooth factory-like finish on machinery, files cabinets, lockers, and other metal surfaces.

Rust encapsulation

Your multi-million dollar investments can be protected with our proven rust control systems.

Silo and tank painting

Ethanol plants, refineries, & storage facilities have relied on us for years to protect their structures & the contents inside.

Machine painting

Breathe new life into your older machinery with a fresh coat of durable paint.

Pipe painting and color-coding

OSHA requires a specific color coding to indicate what each pipe contains for quick, universal identification.

Bridge painting

From small pedestrian bridges to large locomotive trestles, we have the manpower & skill to protect any structure.

Structural Steel Painting

Whether you have steel structures inside or outside your facility, the Painters USA team of coatings professionals can protect them…

Metal catwalks, stairs, railings and ladders

While we are sometimes contacted directly by industrial property owners and managers, we also often work with maintenance management companies.…

Confined spaces

We have certified confined space crews to help with those bin interiors, etc. that need to be cleaned & coated.

Logo painting

Company logos & slogans on interior walls or exterior silos & tanks are a great way to enhance your message and brand.

Industrial flooring services

Epoxy flooring systems

Functional, durable, and easy to maintain, epoxy floors are a go-to solution for many commercial & industrial clients.

Power trowel concrete floor polishing

A great way to make any area look good. Plus there’s no coating on the floor that will ever fail.

Painters USA is ready for the demands of painting any difficult industrial structures. Our painters are methodical and detail-oriented, able to tackle large-scale painting projects where every detail is important. We know how to prepare surfaces for maximum performance, and we use the right product for each task to ensure our work will last.

Industrial painting customer examples

Exterior: Construction material company silo painting

A large construction material manufacturing company in Illinois had six silos that were beginning to rust around the bases and the exterior paint was chalking badly.  The project also included the repair and coating of the inside bottom portion of the silos, which required confined space certification. Coatings had to be applied in proper weather conditions, and our painting crew had to follow safety rules at all times. Hard hats, safety glasses and steel toe work boots were worn at all times. Safety harnesses were worn by certified Aerial Lift Operators during all lifts.

Material Silo Painting In Illinois

Project scope and process included the following:

All surface preparation was in accordance with the appropriate SSPC specifications, allowing us to provide coating manufacturers’ suggested warranty recommendations. And we provided technical data and SDS sheets for all products.

The company’s silos are now protected against deterioration due to the seasonal corrosion of wind, rain and snow that are typical in Illinois.

Interior: Painting for preventative maintenance plan

A cardboard box manufacturer needed to freshen up their well-worn machinery and equipment like conveyors and catwalks as part of their newly instituted preventative maintenance plan. For example, machinery covered in grime and oil often disguises underlying problems like hydraulic leaks.

Machinery & Equipment Cleaning & Painting

Project scope and process included the following:

Our combination of cleaners and industrial urethane coating made the machines look years younger. A machinery and equipment cleaning maintenance program was introduced to keep everything looking new and performing at high levels for longer lifespans.

Interior: 20,000 square feet painted in multiple company brand colors

An area of a marine engine manufacturing plant had become discolored with grease and dirt. At the same time, the client wanted the refresh to include their official corporate colors. 

Our task was to thoroughly clean the ceiling, walls, and piping and apply new coatings that would be durable and long-lasting, and also reinforce the company’s brand for employees and site visitors. The project began with a client meeting to plan the hours we could complete the project and other details.

Interior Painting of a Manufacturing Plant

The work entailed:

The entire area is now much brighter and safer, with piping brought to OSHA color coding standards. The client was very pleased with the outcome and our ability to meet their tight timeline and has invited us back for other projects.

Why Painters USA

We’re ready for your industrial painting requirements

Painters USA has served a variety of industries throughout the years. We are committed to safely deliver your project, on time and on budget. Are you a facility manager in search of a skilled industrial painting contractor? Contact us online or call us for an exterior industrial painting estimate. 

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What is the difference between industrial and commercial painting?

While both deal with business properties, they differ in function and priorities. Industrial painting applies to working structures like factories and warehouses and heavy industries like mining and oil and gas. The coatings and painting process must stand up to harsh conditions and support safety and production goals. For exterior surfaces, like tanks and silos, climate and weather conditions are another factor. Customer presence is sporadic, if it happens at all.

Commercial painting involves space and properties that serve customers directly, such as retail stores, restaurants and hotels. While durability and safety matters, it’s also important to support corporate branding and create a positive, customer-friendly setting. 

What are the different types of industrial paints?

Industrial paints are used to protect and maintain a variety of surfaces in industrial buildings and structures like concrete and masonry, asphalt, plasterboard, metal, fiberglass, plastic and more. Industrial paint types include acrylic, epoxy, polyester, polyurethane and silicate. Specialty paints that are anti-static, heat resistant, fire retardant and rust preventive are also available.

Industrial paints are applied with spray systems for large surface areas or with brushes or rollers. It’s important to work with an industrial painting contractor with the knowledge and experience to recommend the most suitable paint type and application process for the job. 

What are the different types of industrial coatings?

The most common coating types are urethane / polyurethane, epoxy, alkyd, acrylic, and zinc, which is a specialized, high-performance coating used on surfaces prone to rust and corrosion. It’s important to work with an industrial painting contractor that understands the differences to recommend the most suitable ones for your needs and budgets. 

What is NACE coating certification?

This is one of 23 certifications administered by the NACE Institute in disciplines like general corrosion, general coatings, pipeline, and various specialties. Certification includes classroom study, discussion, and hands-on practice. Areas with specific focus include corrosion control, paint application and inspection, and project management.

What is rust encapsulation and how does it differ from rust removal?

Rust encapsulation is applied to surfaces that have a bit of rust to prevent further rust formation. Rust remover works by removing existing rust from a metal surface. 

What types of abrasive blasting are good for industrial cleaning?

Blasting depends on several factors that should be discussed based on your needs, but common types include: 

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