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Corrosion and rust control on vulnerable surfaces.

Painters USA’s proven corrosion and rust control services deliver long-lasting solutions to a common recurring problem.

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In our 40 plus years in business as a commercial and industrial painting contractor, we have pretty much come across all levels of corrosion and deterioration in industrial facilities.  Painters USA has had the opportunity to help clients across many industries solve their corrosion problems safely, efficiently, and effectively.

We see many causes of rust and corrosion—steam, chemicals, exposure to the wind, rain, and other elements of nature. It affects concrete and metal and occurs on ceilings, floors, pipes, storage tanks and silos, machinery and many other surfaces. Once the corrosion process begins, it will continue to spread like a virus unless it is dealt with in a timely, effective manner. 

Painters USA’s proven corrosion and rust control processes combine the latest paint and coating technologies, proper surface preparation, and skilled and experienced application for durable, long-lasting solutions. Proper preparation of the substrate is the single most important component of any painting or flooring project.  A smooth, clean surface allows the rust encapsulating primers to adhere tenaciously to the surface to stop rust in its tracks.  

Painters USA can tackle your rust and corrosion problems during  planned shut down periods, as well as a myriad of other maintenance tasks to keep your facility up to all regulatory requirements and supply chain audits.

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