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Industrial tank and silo cleaning and coatings.

From concrete silos to steel tanks, keep your bulk storage structures working and looking like new with help from Painters USA.

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Concrete and metal storage tanks and silos are all in a day’s work for Painters USA, even if they’re badly rusted, corroded, or just plain neglected. We have years of experience serving industries that rely on bulk storage tanks and silos—industries like food and agriculture, oil and gas refineries, and chemical manufacturing.

You can count on Painters USA to keep your concrete silos and steel tanks functioning well under any circumstances:

Whether you have grain silos or bulk storage tanks containing anything from fly ash to corn syrup, we’ll help protect the value, safety, and integrity of your products and your infrastructure investments. These structures require skilled, experienced industrial painting crews and specialized equipment. Coatings must be properly chosen and applied to provide and maintain a barrier of protection. Safety must always remain top of mind, as the work involves many hazards, from rapid weather changes to working at towering heights.

Minimal downtime, fast return to service

As much as we’d love to hang out with you, rest assured we’ll be out of your facilities asap. Our uptime is your downtime / slow time for scheduling that meets your needs. And detailed work plans, proven processes, large skilled crews, and diligent project management ensures on-time completion every time.

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Expertise in both concrete silos and steel tanks

Whether your bulk storage facilities are primarily concrete or steel, Painters USA has years of experience working safely and effectively with both. Our crews are well-trained and certified, and equipped to work in any industrial setting. Because concrete and steel have unique attributes and their own pros and cons, you can rely on our expertise and certifications to protect your tank and silo investments and the stored products they contain. We will work with you to recommend the best solutions, whether your industry is cement and building materials, grain and other agriculture, oil and gas refining, food processing, and other allied industries.

Concrete silos surface preparation

  • Painters USA has the experience and equipment to safely perform a variety of industrial cleaning services, such as power washing or abrasive blasting.
  • That said, the certified coating professionals at Painters USA recommend surveys and tests first, especially for projects that involve sand blasting or other forms of abrasive blasting.
Silo Painting

Concrete silo roofs

Tank and silo roofs require special consideration, as everything that applies to the walls is amplified on the roof. Tanks with a flat or low-slope create the perfect place for water to pool and puddle. They bear the brunt of the sun’s UV rays, rain, and other climate and weather factors. That’s why Painters USA begins every storage container project with a roof inspection, to give us a thorough understanding of what we’re dealing with. We do what we can to eliminate or mitigate any weak points in the roof that could damage the bulk storage structure and its contents.

Coating technology for bulk storage containers

Coating technology has come a long way from the old tar roof coatings that become brittle over time and paints that easily peel and degrade. Today, the skilled coating professionals at Painters USA can work magic to stop pin holes, cracking, peeling and other degradation that can result in leaks and contamination.

For example, elastomeric coatings have elastic properties, which allows them to shrink or expand to accommodate temperature changes, content characteristics, how empty or full your silos and tanks tend to be, and other factors.

Benefits of elastomeric coatings

Elastomeric coatings ensure a long lasting, protective coating for bulk storage containers like tanks and silos.

Steel tank expertise

Steel is a popular bulk storage tank option. Steel tanks commonly have bolted seams, which are sealed to reduce leaks, and the steel surface is typically finished in the factory with a powder coating.

Painters USA can help you keep that new, factory-finish appeal and long-lasting performance, and we have been known to work miracles in the restoration of steel tanks that are older or have been neglected.

Typical commercial and industrial applications

Bulk liquid storage Bulk dry storage
Chemicals Cement
Desalination tanks Coal
Fuels Food products
Plastic resin Grain
Potable water Sand and gravel
Wastewater storage and treatment Wood chips and sawdust

Tank linings for content protection

At Painters USA, we know it’s as important to protect the contents as it is to maintain the tank itself. That’s why tank linings require special considerations. Every product or material being stored has its own unique properties and issues that must be considered. Food safety must be addressed for food and agriculture products. Chemicals are highly corrosive to tank linings and also present safety risks like flammability and explosions.

Painters USA crews are certified to work in confined spaces, as well as other safety training for working on tanks and silos.

Specific industry needs and regulatory compliance

Painters USA will follow all of your business and industry specifications for safety, compliance, and performance. Our certified coating experts can offer advice for all tank surfaces, inside and out.

We have experience in many industries that rely on steel tanks, including:

As a highly regulated industry, agriculture requires the painting and coating skills and experience of Painters USA.
Making sure your food processing facility is audit ready is a top priority of Painters USA.
The caustic nature of these plants calls for specialty products to protect surfaces from corrosion & deterioration.
Tank, pipe, & pipe rack painting using our corrosion control products help refineries stay maintained.

Corrosion control and prevention

Prevention is the best strategy for controlling corrosion, and that includes tank coatings and linings of the proper type and thickness, professionally applied for specific environmental and operational conditions.

Prevention also requires a plan for routine maintenance and upkeep, developed with your schedules and budgets in mind. It’s important to reduce deferrals and delays that can lead to bigger, more costly repairs and fixes.

Facility maintenance services

Yet sometimes preventative measures are not taken. Facility and operational managers must deal with the realities they face:

With no “one size fits all” solution, Painters USA will identify and recommend solutions based on the tank itself, the contents, the operational setting, downtime and budget constraints, and other considerations.

Certified coating expertise

Branding and business promotion

Performance and durability are the biggest priorities for tanks and silos, but let’s not forget branding and corporate visibility. With their height and stature, tanks are a perfect billboard to promote your business and motivate employees. Why not leverage that valuable space with our logo painting capabilities?

Logos and other brand painting

What are your needs and obstacles? Painters USA is here to listen, assess, and offer workable solutions to keep your steel tanks in top-notch condition.

Painters USA for silo and tank painting expertise

Rust and other forms of corrosion are the number one enemy of industrial silos or tanks of any kind, which must endure the climate and ever-changing weather patterns. Corrosion decreases the structural lifespan and increases the risk of contaminating stored products. Many industrial clients turn to Painters USA to restore and maintain their bulk storage silos and tanks, relying on our industrial cleaning and coatings expertise.

Lack of proper and routine maintenance will cause any silos and tanks to disintegrate over time. A reputable and experienced industrial painting contractor like Painters USA is your best option for restoring and maintaining the integrity of these important structures.

Our safety culture delivers big benefits

Safe workplaces make for a happier, more productive workforce. They reduce legal and insurance risks. They protect lives and assure families that their loved ones will return home from work every day. Our commitment to safety gives our clients one less thing to worry about.

Our dedication to safety

Case study: Construction material silo project

A large construction material manufacturing company in Illinois had six silos that were beginning to rust around the bases, and the exterior paint was chalking badly. The project also included the repair and coating of the inside bottom portion of the silos, which required confined space certification. Coatings had to be applied in proper weather conditions, and our painting crew had to follow safety rules at all times. Hard hats, safety glasses and steel toe work boots were worn at all times. Work was done by crews with Aerial Lift Operator certification wearing safety harnesses during all lifts.

Project scope and process included:

All surface preparation was in accordance with coating specifications to provide coating manufacturer's warranty recommendations. Technical data and SDS sheets were provided for all products. The company’s silos are now protected against deterioration due to Illinois' typical seasonal corrosion of wind, rain, and snow.

Added benefits working with Painters USA

Painters USA takes pride in a job well-done, and we stand behind our work. Our decades of experience, growth, and customer satisfaction speak for themselves.

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